Today’s blog is about hair and make-up. And specifically, mine!! I got together with a great stylist who is no other than my daughter, Natasha, for a make over. Yeah. She loves working in hair and make up so I offered myself as a model to her.

This is me before the makeover

I told her one day, “how about we do a makeover one day so that we could add it to our blogs.” She agreed. Oh, I guess I should tell you that she has her own blog too. In case you care to visit it, you can view it at her website. Natasha has worked in hair since she completed high school over six years ago. And her love for makeup began shortly after that. Although she has not been formally trained in makeup design or makeup, her love is internal. I just think that not all of us have training for the things we do or we love, we just know how to do them. I think these type of artists are the best type to have around because even if they are not paid for their work, they’d still do it regardless. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t get paid but I do mean they should be appreciated by society. So here is me who is paying tribute to a great artist through this blog.

Me with the stylist, Natasha.

The procedure of getting highlights in anyone’s hair is a long one, if anyone knows this they can understand the length of time it takes (and no wonder why it costs so much!) I am a dark haired person so my hair did take a while to have done because we were going for a certain colour. Now, remember that this is a makeover and not just a hairstyle. So, after my hair was done, we started on the makeup part.

We had a lot of fun doing this because my daughter is such a funny person and she loves to laugh. So after the 3.5 hours of hair, we began to apply the makeup.


The result!

So here is what the end result of the makeover. Normally, I am not the type person who wears a lot of makeup, not to say that there was a lot of it. But I do look different. I certainly feel different as well. I love the hair!! Natasha went with a slight curl on each side of my hair that turned out fabulous. The frosted highlights were perfect throughout. She kept saying, “oh I love it!” You know if you’ve ever sat in a chair waiting to see how your hair turned out after the stylist was done, that was me after the foils were out. I wanted to see how it looked, but I waited patiently. I knew if she loved it that I would love it just as much.

After a job well done in hair and makeup!

I got a few comments about how we look like twins or even sisters. Which is fine. It was a fun experience, I got some pampering and I ended up loving the result. Natasha sure has grown into a fabulous hairstylist and knows a thing or two about makeup. She loves what she does and when asked about it she’d say, “it’s about art.” It’s the part of why she does what she does and I think it’s fabulous. Again, if you want to visit her you can view her website, please do so. Or you can also visit her Facebook page here.

A side view of my hair

Natasha grew up watching artists like Jay Manuel, Carmindy, and Paul Venoit as a teenager. I never thought that she would actually take the same road. But she’s an artist and she loves to create beauty and art.

Just some fun after shots

Who knew? A little small town like me would be so lucky to have an awesome daughter who is beautiful (inside and out) and who’d be so talented. She may not be working in the business like Jay or Paul but that doesn’t mean she’s not as good. All that matters is that she loves what she’s doing and that she keeps pushing forward.

Thank you for joining me on this makeup blog today, I hope you enjoyed it!