So after hours, days, weeks and months I can finally say that today I begin a new journey today as a book writer. My long awaited dream is here! I need to pinch myself because I still can’t believe that I’ve done it. I want to scream!

Although I have no idea what this journey entails, I hope that if you’ve read any of my blogs up to date that you would know that I have decided to publish a book.

Well, it’s here!

I did it!

I have to say that I have not been on a journey such as this ever so I need and am looking for your support as my readers. IMG_1090

This has been a nerve wrecking experience some days I just want to punch my computer screen at times. I was and still am very new to online publishing. I watched tons of videos on Youtube to help me through this experience, sometimes even watching one video more than once. I nearly gave up a few times and just said the heck with it but I didn’t.

I’m a small town girl. What do I know about publishing an e-book? Absolutely nothing – well I know a little bit now, but it’s a tiny fragment to what some book authors out there know. I could not have made it this far without them. Thank you.

I’m sure there is still a lot of learn about book publishing and writing that I will discover a long the way, but that’s down there (somewhere!) Right now I just want to revel in the thought that I’ve done it. The door is open. The world is waiting. I must make the best of whatever is up ahead and not worry so much about whether this is what I’m made for. I love writing. I started this blog because I love writing. I love to be a creative person and so that’s what I’m going to keep doing because that is what makes me happy.

You will find my link to where you can pick up your copy of my new ebook. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your support in advance.


Thank you to all those who keep coming back to read my blogs.



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