Okay, you may think I’m writing about food today – but no!

What I am going to dedicate this blog to is what we consume. It’s kind of like eating, it’s the same concept. But how it’s consumed that’s a bit different.

If anyone has heard the tale of the two wolves or have seen posts regarding the story of the two wolves will know what this blog is about. I won’t explain it today, you can search for it online if you’d like.

Every day we are given choices every single moment of our lives. One of these choices is what we will feed from moment to moment. So many choices! We are surrounded with so much stuff that we don’t need to think much about anything. We can read something every single second we are alive. This is influence! We see things every second. This is also influence. We hear things all day long. This is influence. Our senses are influenced all day long every day. We have to choose as to what we filter, what we pick out and what we throw away.

I believe that our sanctuary from it all are our homes because we decide what comes into them, how they look and appear, what noises come out of them, and even the aroma driven from them. It should be important. It’s the place where good feelings should be generated from. It should be where they begin. Where they start every day. When you open your eyes the first thing in the morning, your bedroom should say something to you that makes you feel great every morning. Your kitchen should be inviting and warm. It should make you want to get creative and cook delicious recipes that are good for you. This is real feeding. This is a way to feed your soul.

I know we don’t all have the time to stop and rearrange or decorate our homes. Work calls to us every day. The bills need to get paid somehow!

I just say all progress can be made a little at a time.

Let’s face it we have to spend all day with our own self. How we think and what we think about is a pretty big deal because it all leads to how we feel. And no one wants to feel like, blah! Blah is a waste of time, no matter if it lasts for ten seconds or longer. So I believe that whatever our surroundings, we should like it. It should be that great big welcome at the end of the day when your feet are tired, your mind is spent, and you just want quiet. We’ve all had those days.

Today, I fill my life with just the little things. I don’t watch television because I think it’s a waste of energy. I will engage in Netflix every now and again but I’m not fanatic about it. I don’t buy newspapers or magazines because there is just too much drama in them, I can’t waste my time thinking about stuff that doesn’t concern me. I don’t care to buy too much material things like jewelry, perfumes, or things that will wear out in a few months. I’d rather create art, write something meaningful, learn how to do something I’ve never done before, try out new recipes, or have an interesting conversation over a dessert with someone. To me, a day is an adventure and I’d rather choose it to be stimulated by health and the goodness of what I’m surrounded by. I have no more time left for drama, negative situations/people, or unhealthy anything. So my consumption of life is what matters. As we all should consider what we consume from day to day. After all, it’s all choice.

No one has to walk this road but us…I hope you are enjoying your journey.

Take care!