I know as people start to get older they are less ready to reveal their age. I thought about it and I figured that I am way too happy not to share. I believe that I was given an opportunity to live up to this point in my life where many things have taken place. Why not?

My birthday has come and gone already by a bit of time (small bit) but I thought I’d share some thoughts through a blog.

My day started by an invite out for breakfast by a close friend. I was very surprised and pleased. Since becoming a vegetarian I have cut out a lot of restaurant visits. My main reason was that there aren’t very much vegetarian style restaurants or menus available in the small city I live in. And two, I don’t care to feed the wallets of chain restaurants that will rarely ever give back to my community, so those are the two main reasons I have cut them out.

But then toward the evening, I got another invite out to dinner by my son and his girlfriend. I was like, wow! So we found a restaurant where they served a vegetarian option and we went there. It was good. I was pleasantly surprised. I ate it up. We then came back home to a chocolate cake waiting. I love chocolate. Through out the day I got so many birthday wishes on social media, I kept sending people a virtual birthday cake back thanking them for the wishes. It was a very lovely day. I was very happy.

I can’t say how blessed I feel to have so many caring people in my life. It’s a God send.

As this year begins so does a new journey of my own in life. I am moving. I am not certain the length I will be gone but it still is a journey nonetheless. The city is bigger, there will be more to do and see so it’s going to be an adventure for me at the same time. I call this my eat, pray, love life adventure because I believe I need an adventure. It’s about time.

Today, I am packing. Happily packing. I have no idea what this journey brings but I trust that it wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t going to be something good. My journey is and has been led by Creator, so that I can grow and learn whatever comes my way. That is my faith. I will also have my three grown children to keep me company every now and again on my journey. So, it’ll be definitely fun.

So number forty seven will be a number like no other, I am sure of that. I will most certainly still blog. I can’t stay away. As as my book comes out, I am going to allow my readers here a chance to have access to it through links that I will post on my blog. So lots to process, lots to do, lots to learn!

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!