What is the real circle? Why did I name this blog the real circle? Well, it’s easy. I am referring to life. The great big circle of life. And here in the western hemisphere of the world we are getting ready to greet the new year.

It’s always a fun time. People laughing, celebrating, talking and reminiscing about the year. We are gathered around with those people who made our year full of different things to remember. There is almost always a sense of gratitude that comes with it. WE MADE IT!!! We survived the year.

But what of the new year that lies ahead? A lot of people start to plan all the new things that they’d like to accomplish or get rid of. It can be a list of stuff, or habits even. It’s the clean slate. The fresh start. It feels good. I know, I do it too.

But today’s blog is yes to acknowledge those things but to also talk about the circle. The circle of life. This is the circle of a new year, the one that goes round and round every year. It repeats itself. It comes with promises of changes and new things. But looking at life from a grand sense of reality, you start to understand that life just goes around and around. We are celebrating the new year today. Next we will celebrate Valentine’s and St. Paddy’s and the list goes on. We’ll do it all over again. It’s time repeating itself. So I look it as a great big circle. It’s very fundamental.

I guess I’m learning to look at life in certain ways because of my age, I don’t know? But I also look at it with meaning. I look at it from a sense of how I am growing from the inside out. Last year, at this time I certainly was not where I am right now. I was still very raw in my growth. But I was apt to learn all I could and I did throughout this year. It was an amazing year. I lost a lot of fear and I gained a lot of confidence and self assurance. It wasn’t in the way I expected, actually didn’t expect anything but it happened nonetheless. So I’m going into the new year with an even greater outlook on life and that is no small thing for me. It’s pretty grand.

Life is about growth, elevation, and expansion. Dates on a calendar are only markers in time to decipher our growth. It should give us little details on our progress from time to time. The big ones include our birthdays and the new year. Of course, we also look at periods such as anniversaries of some journey we began in life. But every year is a reminder to the last as it should be. My motto is if we are not growing in spirit, we are not going in the right direction. It’s simple. So, turn your thoughts around because thoughts are what steer your ride through this experience of life, and pick up somewhere else.

So here is to all the fantastic things that will happen in 2016. All the fumbles we will go through and all the friends who will share those moments with us. Remember that there are no failures that we really go through, there are just lessons. They are the pointers. They help us and they remind us that somewhere along the way, we got sidetracked but now that we are clear eyed – we can change it. Mark it down on your calendar if you want, called it a new day. Because no matter where we are at in life, it’s always a new day. A fresh start to do something different. As long as we have air in our lungs, we are given a fresh start every single day.

I wish you wellness, happiness and peace in 2016. Have a fantastic year!!