I think the title seemed fitting to write about what the bare necessities were in my life. I think in life we accumulate so much ‘stuff’ that is not really every day relevant. And as I quash time (included with age) I begin to see how certain things that I have either purchased or picked up along the way is not necessary. But I have picked up some new stuff that I have to say that I wonder how I did so long without them? Here we go! I will included links if you want to read more about anything I post here.


Essential oils – When I discovered the importance of essential oils, I had to have them in my home. I have used lemon in home made laundry soap and as air fresheners. I have used lavender oil in sprays for my linens. I use peppermint in my home made tooth paste. Wonderful! And I’ve even used oregano oil to keep nasty coughs and colds away. If you want to learn more about essential oils here is a link I hope you find something that you can try for you and your family too.

Vinegar – I buy vinegar in bulk. Vinegar helps when you need or want to get rid of chemicals in your home. You can use to clean your kitchens and bathrooms. Add it to some water in a spray bottle and it can replace your spray cleaners to clean your sinks, tubs and showers. Not only that, I use a few recipes that call for ingredients like vinegar so I make it a point that I always have it handy.

Baking Soda – What can I say? It’s like vinegar, multi purpose. You can keep one in the fridge to keep food fresh. You can use it in your toothpaste. Your cooking recipes. Your bathroom cleaner. So much! Here is another list of the near endless uses of baking soda  at home. I hope you enjoy it!

Cocoa – For years I spent money on buying all my chocolate out of boxes that were ready-made. But as a conscious shopper today, I make my own chocolate anything! It takes some getting used to as the texture is different when you begin making your own ingredients. But I like to think they are healthier in some way. I don’t think I will go back to buying chocolate boxes of cake mixes or batter. It’s not worth it!

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a must-have! It should be in every pantry around the world, it’s that good! I use it mostly in baking or cooking but research says that there are other uses we can use cinnamon for. I love adding it to my homemade pancake mix batter. It gives it more flavour. I love it!

Turmeric – Turmeric is simply a god send. The health benefits of turmeric are endless! I like to drink turmeric in a hot beverage to soothe any issues I have with digestion or upset. I also use it on my skin to clear up my skin. I use it as a mask that I apply to my skin for ten minutes and remove with warm water. A recipe is found here.

Dandelion and nettles – This mixture is my tea from God. It helps with the liver, the bladder and everything in between. I drink this tea on a regular basis. For Christmas my son got a new tea steeper and now I can steep my loose leaf teas (I have so many!) in it. Here is a link to another blogger’s research of these powerhouse natural substances we have in our beautiful world.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Again, multi-purpose. No home should be without ACV.

Coconut Oil – I use this for many things but what I use it for mostly is in my toothpaste with baking soda and peppermint oil. I threw away all my tubes of store bought toothpaste and starting using this nearly two years ago now. Nearly all store bought toothpastes include fluoride and if you’ve done any research about it, you’d know that it was a dangerous substance to be putting into the body. I know we don’t ingest it, but still. I also use coconut oil as a moisturizer on my skin. I rarely like to use any lotions on my face, I don’t even put soap of any kind of my face. Coconut oil is also good for cooking and baking because I cringe at the thought when a recipe calls for vegetable oil. Eww!


Garlic – OMG, garlic! Yes, I love garlic! I can’t go without garlic. I use garlic when I cook with almost everything.

Basil – Again, a spice to add to everything. Enough said for me. I love adding it to my sauces for soups, sauces and pizza.

Oregano – Another spice of life. I love it for homemade pizza’s.


Washing Soda and Borax – Save money by making your own laundry detergent with these two recipes. I do. Shave a 1/2 bar of soap of your choice, I like to use lemon and add it to 2 cups of washing soda and 1 cup of Borax. You can make it last much longer than most brands you buy at the grocer’s store.

Alternative news media – I will not engage in watching mainstream news because most of it is shared with an (hidden) agenda. I don’t like to feed that type of energy. I believe my energy is important, I give it value. So I choose what type of news gets my energy and my time. I love reading from sources like Collective Evolution. When I see something that catches my eye, I will spend some time with it. And if it pushes me to dig into it more, I’ll do it. But as far as newspapers and television, it’s not worth my time.

DIY – Whether I am cooking or creating a craft I have learned that making my own stuff has given me so much more value. I have dabbled in many new things over the last four years that have pushed me to a new level. It may not have always worked out but I can say that I tried that. I find that I don’t always have to go running to a store to buy something. I can make it fine at home. The learning that I was able to be part of in these tasks has given me so much back as a person. I learned that when we personally engage in ‘doing’ things rather than buying something ready made, we create value. The value we create is in ourselves. That is priceless!

Music – Music is a valuable source that we can use for health. The music I listen to is alternative, new age type. Many are instrumental with no vocals. I have to say that music has always been a great influence for me because it allows my senses to come alive. I listen to groups like Karunesh, Kitaro or Giovanni Marradi. They are wonderful sources. It doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to mainstream music, I do. I like Coldplay. City and Colour. Grace Potter. Arctic Monkeys. The Heavy. Florence and the Machine. Matthew Good. The Civil Wars. Jezebels. Birdy. Daughter.

Teachers & Speakers – I have learned immensely from teachers and speakers who have come before me with wise words that can be heard through time and still hold so much meaning. Two of the greatest speakers that have taught me so much are Krishamurti and Allan Watts. I can’t say enough about the profound impact they have made in my thought process. I am forever indebted to their wisdom.

Yoga – Yoga does the body good! If you want to get the blood flowing yoga is the way. There are some that you can do in fifteen minutes and some that last thirty plus minutes. But all are good for good blood flow. Good blood flow is important for health. Eating a healthy diet also benefits a good blood flow.

Honey – Honey is a good alternative to sugar.


Lemons – We all could use a nice cleanse of our systems every now and again so I turn to lemons. I drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Again, I’m not religious about anything I do but I will do a lemon drink routine for 3 or 4 days and stop. And again I’ll do it again at a later time. Whenever I feel myself getting stuffy, I will mix it with honey and drink a hot drink.


So, there is my list. There are a few more things I could probably add but these are my regulars. I also used things like bentonite clay, black seed oil, and vitamin C and D for upkeep of health. Some of it costs money, some of it doesn’t. Again, I do it all for health. I value my health so will shop for the best items- organic, well reviewed and recommended.