If you’ve read my blogs as of late you’d know that I am set to publish my very first book. An E-book to be exact. For a few years now I had always seen people marketing their own work through websites and social media. The idea of doing it one day myself was there but I don’t think I was quite ready. But now that I am closer to it, reality has set in.

Of course, I have no idea what will come of it nor do I want to know.

But I will give away a secret here now. The title of my first book will be “The Science of my Life: Creating a Life of Peace.” I struggled at first as to what title I would give my book but as soon as I found this title roaming in the brain, I took it. It just seem to fit the content in the pages of my book. It is my personal journey as well as a guide. It is how I got to be where I am today, spiritually. And when I say spiritually I am not talking about writing about bible verses or practicing cultural ideas. I am expressing human learning, the human experience. My human experience.

It’s an anyone can follow guide to life.

I wrote as a testament to my life and my outlook on how I managed to go from a shy, quiet small town girl who faced a lot of problems in life to a loving, mature spiritually minded woman who is no longer afraid of the world. And like so many of my blogs on my site each chapter is short and easy to digest and read.

As a beginner there are still details that I need to learn about the publishing process but I hope that it won’t take me too long to figure it all out. So stay tuned!

To all those who have been with me on my blogging journey these last four years, thank you! Your support has meant the world to me. I could not have made this decision to move forward in this way without you. I am truly humbled.

2016 is going to be a year of epic proportions!!