The idea of trying to do anything is pointless. When we say we are trying, it almost implies that we are doing an act because someone (could be us) wants us to do it (whatever that may be.)  We mustn’t be trying. There is only doing. Nothing else. For the longest time I wanted to understand what this meant. I had heard the term over and over but it never quite sunk in. Maybe it was because I did not place myself into the graphics that was my mind. The story I was hearing. The tale that was being weaved into me. But now I do.

Life is like a mirror. We see the picture that is above of a scene with a lake near it. The lake mirrors the scenery. This is what life does. It is how our minds work. It is how our bodies work. It is how our lives work. Same concept.

If you want happiness, love, or respect you must first reflect it. We cannot demand anything of the Universe. We can ask. I’m a firm believer that asking and demanding are two different things. So at best, we should work at reflecting what it is we love. But we should not sit and wait around for it to arrive. Nor should we keep an eye on a calendar or clock to mark the time we asked. No. All we do is keep on living, day by day. Again reflecting what it is we desire. We are not waiting. We are not wanting. We are not worrying. We are living.

I asked myself when listening to Allan Watt’s talks, he spoke and said, that we mustn’t try to do anything because it implies that we are doing something with a motive. It wasn’t quite those words but it is what I interpreted the message to be. For instance, if you write a book, you mustn’t have any notions or ideas for it. You must just write it simply because you love writing. Because if you love it, so will someone else. And who knows where that goes? So anything we do- we must love for the sake of loving it. There can be no other way for something outside our bodies to create a sense of fulfillment within and without. You can’t have one without the other. It just does not work otherwise.



This works for any thing we want in life. And though most of us have a hard time grasping the idea of first, not trying anything. It is a valuable lesson to learn. So, this is how I understand it. When we try some thing. Trying creates an energy. If we look at it like a balloon, we first have an empty rubber balloon in our hand. So our first try, we get a small ball of air. We try again, the ball gets bigger. Again, much bigger. Soon, the ball is so huge that it just bursts. And suddenly there is no more ball. There is no more any thing. So trying can create an unwanted result. Our intentions can be good (for doing anything) but it does not mean that if we push them too far that they won’t burst like the balloon.

But let’s look at it from the aspect of “doing.” Doing some thing implies that you probably have never done it before, so it’s new or unfamiliar. You are responding to life. You want to give it a go because it looks, feels or sounds interesting. So it creates an excitement inside of you. You don’t know what to expect. You have no inkling of an outcome. You just keep doing it as you go because you are driven by how you feel about it. It is not wrong. And it not right. It just is what it is. We are not painting a picture. We are not planning anything. We are just living and doing some thing. This generates an energy around us, others can sense our happiness, and we mirror them because it is what they are doing as well. They are doing what they love. In doing so, sometimes we can find some interesting people along the way that turn into some very good friends.

I have found that many things work out better for me when I live my life in this way. I have very little to no stress about my daily activities. I don’t follow an agenda. I just do what I feel like doing when a mood strikes me. I never start an activity because some one wants me to do it. I will say yes to a request because I feel that I could go for “that” experience on that day I am asked any thing. And if not, I will gladly decline an offer without any guilt or second guesses. This has made my life feel more fulfilling. My time or my space is always filled with an activity to occupy me and I love living my life in this way.

Again, thank you for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed my mind.