I know the year is not over yet and tomorrow is Christmas but I wanted to do a review anyway. When I looked back and remembered what I did this year, I have to say that I am very pleased. I got a lot accomplished.


I traveled three times this year. Twice to my hometown with family and once to a new place where my sister got married in the late summer. It was  a very good trip and we had loads of fun. It was so nice to see her so happy on her special day, my parents would have been very pleased.

My daughter also made two trips to see me and her dad. We got a chance to spend time with her in March and this holiday season she is with us again. I love my daughter. For this visit there was a bit of a switch to it in that her long time beau asked for her dad’s blessing to marry our daughter. Of course, he said yes and it was a very happy moment too. I am overjoyed.

This year I dabbled in art, as well as kept up with my beadwork and sewing. I wanted to test myself in regards to painting. I wouldn’t say that I’m any good but I tried. I also love food so my homemade pizza is pretty much perfected now. I enjoy make vegetarian pizza when the moods strikes.


As I said I like to sew and a few projects that I did this year were bags. Small purses to be exact, I can’t wait that I am near where I want to be in the way of making them but I’m not that far off. I love to be creative and spending time with my sewing machine. The dresses in the photos of me and my niece are a lot of work to do but I so enjoy making them because it relaxes me. My niece and I danced side by side this year and I have to express how much that means to me. I love her with all my heart. I have been making her dresses since she was one years old, she is now 10. As a creative person I also had the chance to work on a book cover. I’m not sure if it’ll get used but it was great practice. I enjoyed working on it. It does take a few days to get it all right and work out the little things but I find it fun.


As a lover of nature it was fun to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, the water, wind and community with my sister who visits me from time to time. We always find something to laugh about. Coincidentally, she is moving in a short week and half from now and I am going to miss her like crazy. I’m on my own little journey to a new place so it just might help keep me preoccupied from any loneliness. This year I taught my niece to bead, I can’t say if she totally can remember everything but I’m glad I got the chance to spend time and show her something. I also sewed a hat with her earlier, I was teaching how to use her sewing machine. Speaking of sewing, I spent some time preparing a regalia for my partner. I also was able to put together a breastplate for him, my first one! I was so proud. And to end the summer I went to another concert this year. This one was for the group A Tribe Called Red. I had fun dancing to the funky beats and it got me outdoors again. Outdoor events are so cool!

So that is my quick blog on my review of 2015. It was fun and I look forward to bringing about new memories in 2016. I can’t wait to see what it has in store.