We glimpse from afar something we see that we do not want to take our eyes off of. It is the thing that has stolen our glances in the night. And it simply is beautiful.

These days we are filled what beauty should be or what it should look like. We have channel after channel that exploits beauty. We have giant billboards and glowing screens lit up on sides of buildings on city streets. If that is not enough we can load a page online and there is no shortage of photos there either. Is it any wonder why women, girls and young men (mostly) have body issues, self esteem issues, self images problems all around the world? And better yet, the question should be -do we really need that much advertisements about what beauty is? I guess if you are multi billion dollar industry, yeah sure. You kind of need it. It’s your survival. Today, our shopping malls (and even small side businesses) are filled with cosmetics, clothing, perfumes, brand name products, shoe wear, and beauty products to score with consumers. People flock to these shops every week. The need to have the latest brands, smells, or fashions seems to be the “it” thing. Life has created a scene of people who carry tasteless attitudes and bad characteristics that are not authentic or beautiful.

It’s great to be beautiful. But beauty has sort of lost his context.

You can have all the beautiful looks in the world but if you lack the real beauty that comes from the heart, nothing lasts. Happiness is always jilted. Misery looms like a hangover. And desperation reeks. This type of beauty can only last so long because as soon as someone gains a reputation, it stinks. And it’s a smell that follows you wherever you go. No one wants that. No one wants to be that person who is suddenly forty-years old that looks in their phone directory and has no one to call, all due to attitude. You’d rather be the person who walks into the room and people who want to sit with you or who want to know where you’re going later. That’s what real beauty has in store.

Real beauty is an energy that you are carry. It is something that surrounds you like a shield. It never loses or forgets its promise to always bring out the best in you or in other people. It shines like a light. It shines so bright that even people who don’t even know you want to know who you are. Now, isn’t that amazing. I think so.

Kindness is a great beacon of beauty. It is the fuel for the fire you want to light at anytime, anywhere. The great thing about kindness is that you don’t always need to explain why, you just do something. You can even do it anonymously. Quietly. The return is a feeling. And if you continue it long enough, the self growth you go through will be enough. You will feel what real beauty feels like. And you will understand that it has nothing to do with “how you look.” But in “how you feel.”

Society has brainwashed us into thinking that we “need” to look a certain way. They’ve overrode  feelings. They’ve squashed it to nothing. You don’t need that. But you do need this, and this, and this! You are bombarded with products or programs that will take you a year to save up for to buy.

Imagine never having to second guess yourself or doubt what you are saying or doing (or even wearing!) at anytime. Real beauty creates an assurance that the other stuff just can’t compare. It knocks it out of the park. We all have this capability. We just need to change the dial on the station that we are listening to, change the station. Tune into a new frequency. It’s not that hard. The rewards in the end are how you feel about you and that is everything.

Thanks for reading!