People make investments in their future all the time. Some of them turn out and help people get ahead financially, which is great. But this blog has a minimal financial aspect to it because it isn’t about throwing a thousand dollars or more to the wind and seeing what comes of it. No. Although, it is about an investment.

See, we all have our moments where we wish our lives were different. We think back and wonder if we made all the right decisions. We fear that some where down the road that we could lose what we have today. It’s the mentality that causes us so much doubt and stress in our lives. We live and breathe it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just eliminate that part?

I have made small investments in my life in the last three years that has helped me tremendously. My first was to learn that my body was an investment into how life turns out for me (and others!) here on this planet. And since I was given this body, I had to invest into it. I began small and starting with juicing and smoothies. I bought a Bullet. That was my first investment. I know it may seem small to some, but the benefits were awesome. Next, I ventured into vegetarian food little by little. I wasn’t spending a huge amount of the stuff but I was doing it here and there. But every time I kept doing these type of things for myself I began to change my mind set about money.

We all like to penny pinch and save more. Guilty! I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination. But I get by.

The thing about investing in yourself is commitment. If you will commit to some thing (s) you may surprise yourself how you feel after a few months. And you may even like it!

I believe that if we change the mind on how it works for us, or has been working for us (or not,) we can alter life around us. If we just make the decision to just do it. That is the first step. Make a commitment. Tell yourself that you are ready for change and you will take the steps you feel necessary to get to where you want to be in life. I started with my health, you may want to start elsewhere. Of course, it does have to be within our means. And one of the most crucial parts that I learned along the way is to drop expectations of a desired outcome. Don’t expect anything!! I know, right? It seems hard, it seems impossible. For some it will take some work. For others (like me) it won’t.

The other thing I found was that to set a limit on what I was investing in because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I take my time. I pay attention to my budget. I didn’t want to think of it or view it like it was school or work. I do this on Monday or this on Tuesday. No. I do it whenever I feel like doing it. So there’s not set routine or schedule to follow like clockwork. I don’t set intentions and say that in one month I will buy this. I make my investments when I can – responsibly. But most of what I invest in doesn’t cost that much (under 100$) either so it won’t break my bank and I love that I do things this way.

Another thing that has changed is how I view what I am doing to help myself. I do light yoga at home. And I do it when I feel like doing it. I’m not religious about it. I do it when my body feels like it needs it. I listen to my body. I don’t allow my mind to take over for egotistical reasons or so someone can give me a pat on the shoulder, no. This way I don’t go crazy, I don’t watch the clock or calendar and my life is less stressed. If I was to monitor my stress level from four years ago to now and with a hundred being really high. I would say my stress level to be at a ten. I like to think that everything I do is for a whole body (in general) type of healing.

I guess you can say what I did was for self healing. Because it is true of what they say, “you can’t help others, if you first do not help yourself.” And it’s the same for love. So for my self healing  I do light gardening, I crochet, I bead, I sew, I bake, I do yoga, I juice vegetable and fruit, I blog and I meditate. Some of it requires that I spend some money on them but it’s not a lot.

In order for us to feel valuable in the world, we must first invest in ourselves to create that value. And when that value is great, we can then turn to the world and promote that value.

I hope you have a good day, thank you for reading.