If you don’t know or have not heard of the name John Trudell, here is your chance. John was a Native American activist, poet, who brought the causes of his brothers and sisters to the forefront. He spoke of many things. He believed many things. He was a voice for those who could not articulate what they felt inside but knew that there had to be a way. Most of what he spoke of was hard to swallow for most, and somehow probably still is hard to digest. John made many friends and many of them you’d recognize. There were names such as Robert Redford, Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Brown. He traveled extensively and spoke across the continent about his discontentment with life and the world he lived in. He dared you to look through his lens and see what he saw and he used honesty to do it. He was a remarkable man, a great voice and a man who will never be forgotten in Indian Country.