There has been something on my mind that I couldn’t seem to get out. It wasn’t until yesterday that I finally figured out what it was, but I got too tired to write. I never like writing when I’m tired because for me, I end up not liking what I wrote. So after some rest here is the blog.

For some time there has been this ‘irking’ (if I can write that word) inside of me. It’s been sort of a turn off. And now that it’s boiled over I need to get it out. So what is it?


This world seems to have turned everyone against one another and life seems to be a big giant competition.

Think about it. Everything we know about… about some competition. We compete in sports, in fashion, in brands, in homes, in automobiles, in talent shows, in high schools, in grade schools and so much more. The list can go on. Can it?

Even our language we speak has a hint of competition when we speak to another. It’s like we talk competition all the time. Why do we do that? You know, I tell you something and you tell me something about a nearer or similar experience but you go further, bolder or bigger. Or vice versa. You know what I’m saying? We always want to steal the thunder. I’m not saying that everyone does this, some people don’t.

You see how this world has shaped our ‘ego’ and has taken over, basically.

We live in a world where we cannot just enjoy a conversation with someone and just listen to them, for the joy of hearing them talk.

When I’m with people I try my darnest not to react this way. So I monitor what I say, you know not because I want people to say nice things about me, but so I can experience what a person is telling me. It helps me draw a mental picture in my mind of what they are telling me and I get to react as if I am watching it happen in real time. It’s an experience.


But today if you look at anything that is on the television today, you can literally see it happening every minute. It’s in the news, it’s in business, it’s in politics, in sports, in the music industry, you know name it.

But what does it say?

To me, if you have to compete that much of your life away, the question would be why? Why try so hard to be better than someone else, something else? What are we afraid of?

We have become an insecure nation.

We are not secure in our bodies, in our thoughts, our own emotions that we have to tear someone/something else down in order to feel ok. I find it sad.

I think it is high time that we build a nation that has self esteem. A self esteem that says, ‘I am okay.’ What ever is happening outside of me is what it is, and it has nothing to do with me. And that is okay.

If we teach children this today, I dare to say that we can eliminate bullying in schools tremendously, by a landslide even. And maybe we’ll stop hearing about young girls or boys who take their own lives because they just ‘couldn’t handle it anymore.’ We need to acknowledge that we are all different. And we are all beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us. We are all unique and special.

And then maybe somewhere in the future we can live beauty, we can see beauty, feel it, hear it and we can sense it every day.

No more competition. No contest. Just life. And love.