This is not easy. In fact it could be one of the hardest things to practice day to day. Even moment to moment. Being aware.

We seem to think that looking at life and it’s complexity is hard. It’s no harder than looking within and being mindful of what is happening. Myself, meditation has helped me tremendously in so much of being aware of me, and my body. It has not only helped me with my thought process but how I shift from discomforting thoughts to comforting thoughts. And not return to thoughts that make me uncomfortable, that cause me to worry or doubt what it is I am involved in. It has helped me make choices more easily, where doubt once ate at me. And because I have been able to concentrate this way, I sleep better at night. Because sleep is important.

I have learned that by paying attention to how I care for my body and my thought process has lead me to ‘feeling better.’ It’s worth more to me than thinking about how hard it is to maintain or monitor ‘how I’m really doing on the inside.’ Sure it may be due to my age after all I am on my way to my fifties but I’m glad of where I am. I see how life is affecting those around me regarding how they think because ultimately it leads to how they treat themselves/and others to what they eat. I see frustration, loss of trust, doubtful responses, self esteem issues, poor health habits, health scares and crisis’s. And this can all be reversed or taken care of with a little attitude adjustment, with a desire to fix what is broken.

I spend my time researching how to stay healthy, find new hobbies to fill in my spare time, books to read, how to help others feel better, to play with my pets, water or grow my plants, post something inspiration online, be thankful for what I eat and drink, talk to my friends and family, and be present through all of it. Be really present- body, mind and soul.

I realize that young people (under 35) have the most difficult time because life still is coming at them and it’s a constant bombardment. Bills to pay, job to find, career to build, future spouse to discover, car to maintain, home to buy, children to raise, friends to keep in contact with, family gatherings to attend, and trying to hang on through grief and loss. It’s a sort of madness. I mean if this was fifteen years earlier (today) would or could I have done it? If I’m totally being honest with myself, my answer would be, ‘if the desire was strong enough, yes!’ I could have. Because let’s face, desire is something each of us have within us and we need it to move forward. It drives us every day. Leads us. It’s like water to us, essential for life.

Anything is doable if you want change bad enough that whatever happens-happens.

I like to think my life is a lesson to me. That there are no mistakes that have happened to me because it all got me to where I am today. And I am happy. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else.

Conscious awareness is a daily part of my life. I pay attention to the vibrations that are incoming and that are outgoing and it helps me decide whether I say yes or no. You can call ‘gut instinct’ because that is what most people call it. It’s not a voice. It’s a feeling that vibrates within each of us. I have learned to listen to this vibration and since starting this, my days are always full of experience that grows me.