IMG_0425This year my sister moved away from our home community so now she travels a long distance to come and visit. We got another chance to see her again this year as she came home in support of myself and community in our elections. I ran as a nominee for the first time this year as council. She also came to visit the family that she adores with all her heart. And it was a good visit. We had fun as usual, and although my win was delayed this time around, we still managed to laugh until we cried tears. So I thought I’d write about what running in this election meant to me.


First, I have to say that I do have a strong support system behind me. I was overwhelmed as the numbers came in. I was even more touched when people came to me personally to tell me how much they wanted me to win. It meant a lot. I ran in this election for change, prosperity, evolution, education, health and spiritual well being. I have seen what the community was like as a child, what it was like as a growing mother and wife, and as it is today. There have been many transitions in the community structure, sizes of families, individual growth, personal traumas, leadership qualities, status of band affairs, and the health of our members. It was my hope to play a role in helping the healing and the growth of community and community members. I believe in tomorrow. As much as I live my life for today, in this moment, I cannot ignore that looking “ahead” is just as important. I see the children of today and I want so much for them to feel safe and secure in and around their own home. Still, this is not to say that the present sitting council will not help in this manner, I believe they have the same vision. I trust in my council as I have known every one of them my whole life.

As a person who had been through many life transitions I understand the journey of life in a way that many probably do not think of. As a member of a First Nation community for many years I know the issues we face today. I am a grassroots type of person who likes to work on front lines to complete a much larger picture. My vision is steeped in traditional values and in health for the well being of the individual and the family. I believe that without divide there is nothing that we cannot accomplish with determination, perseverance, and belief in our future and of future generations. There is still much work needed and we still have a hard road ahead of us but with the right teams of people, we can do anything. I believe we are headed in the right direction and that began when the newly elected candidates become the official council. I am a proud member of the place I call home and although I do not get the chance to return as much as I’d like, one day I’d like to return for good. But, it isn’t written yet so I will wait until it is. This is my faith. I love my community and I believe that with time, we will be once again be a formidable and strong nation. I believe that if we listen, the voices and wisdom of our ancestors will come through our leaders as time progresses. Because they are our front line men and women who should stand tall like a tree and whose roots reach deep within the Earth. The values of the Ojibway nation will beat in their very hearts because they understand that we are all connected and “growth as people” is like the blood that runs in our veins. It has to be healthy for us to live and survive as a nation. This is what I believe. This is what I foresee.

In saying all of this, I look forward to the progress of our newly elected officials and the road they will guide us on.

~Optimism is medicine for the Soul~