All moments are perfect no matter where we end up. But you can’t see this until time has passed. Time allows you to appreciate the journey after time has passed. The memories of where you “once were” allow you feel gratitude that you “were there” at the time. This is acceptance. The last stage to everything we experience. It isn’t until we reach this stage that we are truly free of anything. There is a film called, “Peaceful Warrior” where a young man who recovers from an accident meets a mysterious stranger who becomes a friend. And this friend teaches him many things. But in once scenario, the friend takes the young man on a hike and they climb hills and walk for hours. The young man finally asks his friend, “what are we doing here? What is this glorious thing you wanted me to see?” And the friend looks down on the ground and see a rock, so he points to the stone on the ground. The young man is confused. And he becomes a bit frustrated after walking for hours. “You brought me all this way to see a rock?” The friends say, “yes.” The young man is in disbelief as he believed that his friend had just wasted hours of his time out of the day. So he tells the friend how he feels and he asks him again why he would do that? The friend replies, “well, if I would have told you why? Would you have come with me anyway?” And it was clear that the young man’s answer was no. But the lesson of the story was that it is the journey (and what happens on the journey) that builds character, stamina, dependance, reliability, courage, bravery, and confidence. Every thing we need to complete the journey. This journey, the one we are on now. There are no short cuts in life. We all want to take short cuts for “something” in life. And those that believe that they found the short cut, it never quite fulfills them in a way that a person who has walked the miles and took the time to live an experience. not-until-we-are-lost-do-not-begin-to-find-ourselves-quote-1