ducks-in-a-row-1316756-1279x850We all have our own versions or definition of what leadership is or does, don’t we? And none of it is wrong, it just is. We take from our experience and we shape our thoughts into words that we think fit the description. As we move into a new precipice of life I don’t feel there’s room to choose lazily. We are at the precipice and choosing lazily could mean our downfall or our rise. This year I have often heard that the term, “the Earth is not the one in trouble, it is humanity that is in trouble.” And I believe that, the Earth will always survive. It will survive with us or without us. It is humans who have an egotistical belief that the Earth needs us. It doesn’t. It has been here longer than any human and it will continue to be here long after we are gone. I do believe that humanity is a bit bored because it has accomplished so much in the time we’ve been here and people are looking to what “else” can be done? What else can be created? How much farther can we take our intelligence? What else can we find?

You know that saying that says, “be careful of what you wish for, you might lose the moon while you were too busy counting the stars.” There is a truth to this statement and it tells a tale of where humanity is at today. We’ve weaved our webs, we’ve made our connections, we’ve followed the paths, the roads, we climbed the hills and mountains, and we’ve discovered enough information to figure out just about anything. When is it going to be enough? Ever? Now? So, in the midst of our madness to be the best, the smartest, to create the finest, or build the fastest, or biggest where has it left us?

We broke the moon.

The ordinary man. The ordinary woman. The people at ground level who work hours on end to survive, to keep food on the table. The ones who struggle and who know struggle. They are the moon. And although most of them don’t feel like such an awesome light, I think they actually are. Because they don’t brag about worldly accomplishments, or awards they win for television or films. That isn’t their lives. They don’t live glamorously with shiny jewelry or expensive clothes and cars. The sweat and their performance through life isn’t planned or rehearsed. It’s real. They go through the emotions as raw as it comes. They may never have to explain their tears, or their mess ups in a live broadcast but that doesn’t make them any less. Not everything important or special is behind a lens of a camera. We may have thought it was, at one time. But times are changing.

And it’s time to clear the lens that we do look through in life. Our own lens, our eyes. It’s time to wake up our sleeping hearts that dozed off during televised programming that played out in front of us. The program that told us that it was okay to turn a blind eye, to turn the other cheek. You see, the message was so sublime that we didn’t notice it happening. That’s what sublime messages are. They trick you. They tease you. They tantalize you. They tempt you. Then they take you. And you didn’t even know. And maybe one day, it isn’t until you are sitting in a doctors office, or in a jail that you realize what a mistake you made. You are sitting there because you are asking yourself, “how did it get to this point?” Where did I go wrong? But maybe you were just too busy counting the stars too.

When I look at the definition of leadership, I read the words direction, guidance, control, and management. There just some of the words. People often want to see things in front of them to prove that it exists and all the while they forget to look within. Again, counting stars. What about you? Where are you? Who are you? You see, we forget a long the way to look at the most important person in the room, which was us. We are so used of looking outside ourselves that we never bother to direct energy toward our own self. We let other people do that for us. Our families, friends, co-workers, fellow students, or leaders and bosses. We’ve handed them the reigns to say who we are. And then we take what they direct at us and we allow to sink in. And we don’t even realize that we’ve done it.

We are already leaders in our own way. We direct, we guide, we control and we manage how we live our lives. Okay, I agree we all haven’t done the best job to a point but had we known that we were applying for a position of leadership earlier on, maybe we’d have turned out differently. But you see the program we were running under? It didn’t train us from the start to think we could be leaders because the people that gave us a start didn’t have it in them either. So there really isn’t anyone to blame. The only thing we can do is to start “right here, right now.” This is all we have and will ever have. It’s the ball we play with, it’s the one we shoot, we bat, we throw and we catch. We play all parts of the game. We are all parts of the team. And if we can’t see that now, then they might as well turn off the stadium lights so that we can go back to counting stars.