We are right in the middle of summer where all the hot weather is just beaming every day. Well, not every day, but close. I find myself looking for what or how I should spend my summer as I always do. My crafts have always kept me busy during this time so I am rarely without something to do when I’m not at work. But my need to research is ever present and once again I’ll find myself looking at and reading things online. And there was something that I came upon maybe a year ago that I never quite understood what it meant. I’m not quite sure I really understand it now. But I think I have an idea.

The subject concerns the topic of the upcoming financial crisis that is predicted for 2016. The recent post was a video I watched from USA Watchdog dot com where the host spoke to an author about his predictions of the crisis. And I did hear a bit about this last year but this time was different. This time it was a like a tiny light went on of what this could possibly mean for someone like me. By this I mean, a homeowner that pay utilities (like everyone else,) that depends on local grocery stores for a source of food, a person who uses power and electricity to run my home, and someone who uses technology to communicate with many people everywhere. And I asked myself, “what if that was all gone? That none of it existed and was shut down?” And it came clear to me, this is how a financial crisis would affect me. Because that’s the part that I did not understand at first when I first heard about this topic. So I started thinking, no heat, no lights? No stove to cook dinner? No way to communicate with family anywhere? No grocery store to buy food from? No bank to get money out of? No gas to be able to travel anywhere? And the picture became clear. It may not happen exactly or any way like this but it could. And how prepared am I if it should happen? How long can I survive on my own before I have to turn to outside help? One week? Two weeks? A month?


It’s certainly something to consider in reality because we don’t know the outcome of anything in this world. And we are dependant of what the world has to offer that we’ve left our own devices and abandoned them. Isn’t that scary? Of course we don’t know which industries will suffer or survive the hit? We don’t know if it’ll be worse than the 1929 Great Depression. It may not. But could we survive nine to twelve months without the security of the money we have now? Do we have a plan as to how to create money should we have to? There is a lot of confusion to consider, craziness to weed and possibly shock to absorb. And the thing about it is, we have no idea of when it will happen? They calculate the fall of 2016, while some believe that it could happen even sooner. If this is your first to hear this then I’m sure you are starting to wonder yourself. I know I did.

My advice is to prepare anyway. It doesn’t matter if it happens or not. And I think as society we always say, “oh not me, that’ll never happen to me.” And then when a crisis hits, we are left completely in shock. Besides I think regardless of any crisis we should all be prepared for any crisis at any time. I know it’s not a fun subject. But if we stop long enough to consider a “what if” every now and again maybe we could prevent a certain amount of shock in our lives. This world is changing at an alarming rate and new things are coming up all the time. New laws and rules are being created all the time. I do believe we do have a small amount of shock that we go through on a weekly basis due to the ever changing world. So it’s natural. And whether or not we are prepared is ultimately up to us as people. I just thought I’d write about it. And it’s my own reminder for how prepared I really am. So that I am not the one sitting in a sinking ship when the water starts flowing in, so to speak. Thanks for reading.