As I sit here (enjoying a break) from my sewing project I got to thinking. Well, not so much just today, but for the last few days I’ve had some thoughts. I’m real happy for the things that have taken place in society as of late. Ireland passing to right to gay marriage. The United States also winning that law. I came across a thought, you know in fifty years from now, that generation will look back and say, “wow, there once was a law that prohibited certain marriages from happening.” They’ll shake their heads. And then just now I read that in one community you can no longer be fined for feeding the homeless or less fortunate. So they celebrate that and they should, you know. But isn’t it weird, for me it is, that we are governed not to do certain things and yet, we think that we are free people? I mean that just sounds crazy. I understand that we can count our blessings for everything we do have, it’s a beautiful country/continent that we live upon. But it doesn’t sound free when our choice to who we love and want to engage in marriage with, is forbidden. And I’m glad that the laws on this has changed. But there are still other things that need to be challenged such as people who are fined for collecting rain water, or growing a garden in their own yard. I just find those to be off the wall crazy. And I think that these things are done to people to create an example of “what could happen” to you if you step out of line with the law. And really these are issues of control and wanting to control people, which is crazy. My thoughts are that people who want control of others do this because what they are doing themselves is “out” of control, or has no control. So in order for them to make sure that everyone draws in between in lines, they need laws to maintain it. So while everyone is obeying these laws, they are ka-hooting behind closed doors having a party because the laws/rules do not apply. And more and more you are hearing the truth about the exposure of these things that people are talking about. My opinion is that it’s a little too late to hide the truth, it’s out in the open already. There are tons of speakers out there already who are talking to hundreds, if not thousands of people every day/week about what is happening. As of late, I watched my share or read about who’s running for office in 2015 for Canada and 2016 for the U.S. I can’t help thinking that most of the candidates are people who were born with a certain amount of privileges in their lives, you know? And they want to run a country? What do they know about the real people of the country they want to run? Do they know what it feels like to stand in a welfare line to be able to put food on a table? Probably not. Do they know about all the red tape one has to go through to get an education in their respective country? Hmm, maybe not. Do they know how it feels to be denied medical care for one reason or another? No. Do they know how it feels to spend a few hours with a child that was taken away from accusations of neglect that wasn’t fully investigated? I doubt it. You know I understand that everyone on Earth is responsible for their own actions and the consequences of choices they make. But why does it feel that there is a certain group of people who don’t have to ever know what that feels like? You know if you took away the dollar factor in this place (Earth) we’d all be the same value. There would be no class, no segregation, no dominance, no power. But the fact that there is the element of money, it will always separate us. It will always say, “you stand over there because this is for people like us here.” And you know, it used to be that this type of discrimination used to happen only to minority groups/people at one time. Now, everyone under a certain dollar level is fair game. And it’s real sad. So sad. But you know what? It’s no wonder that there are people who are joining forces to start up things such as New Earth Nation, or the Ubuntu movement. I’m sure that there are more in the works, as the need becomes more evident every single day. Anyway, I just thought I’d share that today. Thank you for reading.