Creatively speaking

So today I decided that this day I’d commit to painting something because I have been putting it off. This is what transpired after a few hours. Now it’s not the best thing out there but it’s mine. And the thing I learned about painting abstract is that you really have to find (or maybe that’s just me!) a connection to your work. It has to speak to you. So this is my “Chaos of Stars.” I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to creating more pieces as this is just a small piece. When the time comes I hope to work with 3 canvases in one painting. I love abstract paintings. I think they are just gorgeous arts of work and my favourite artist at the moment is, John Beckley. I’m a long way from him but maybe if I continue I can be half as good. IMG_1516


  1. I just discovered John Beckley too, and love his work. Your painting above is excellent too. I’ve added to my “inspirational art” file! Thanks Clint

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