If you read my blog, “The idea of a book” you may like to know that I’m continuing this blog with another piece of my writing. They are short pieces of my own inspiration that has had an influence on my life. I am constantly learning and I’m taking what life has given me as a person, wife, mother, student, retired social worker, friend, family member and writing it down. So in essence, you are getting a pre-view of what will be inside my book when it is published. It may be subject to change over time where things are added and deleted, but this is where I am at right now. So enjoy, and I hope you like it.

We often take for granted the things that we are surrounded by every day. The things that we rarely think of as important because (seriously) they probably aren’t that important. We somehow become inundated because of the constant stimulation of things being there. And the unanimated objects could be things that aren’t even that important or healthy for you. So we walk around wondering why we feel the way we do, we never question if it could have anything to do with our surroundings? It may be a box of things we’ve been meaning to go through or an old desk we’ve been meaning to get rid of. Krishnamurti taught that it is not our bodies that grow old. It is our brains. And what are our brains used for? It thinks and processes ideas. It formulates plans. The brain is literally a muscle that needs stimulation all the time. We exercise the brain by thinking of new ways to live life. So we need to start thinking of our brains as important and vital parts of us and start treating it differently. The moment we decide to consciously start doing this, things start to change for the better and we begin to feel better. And this “feeling better” is something we all chase, no matter where we come from. We all want it. For me, I began doing little renovations to my house. I painted a room, and then another room. You can do this every single day if you want. Start with where you are in life regarding how you feel about yourself. Work with that and build from there in small steps. If this is something that is new to you, baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say.