10th-anniversary-1410025-1280x960When a man loves a woman there becomes a deeper understanding of possibilities within the world. Suddenly, the world is not so grey and dark, there’s colour dancing everywhere. She creates the need for him to want to understand who he is and what he is made of. He dares to do the silly, the child-like, the outrageous, the mushy, and the heart-felt things in the world because he knows that he is loved. He believes that he is worth it because she shows him that he is. In the night he becomes the warrior, the hero from books or movies because she is worth every dying breath. And when he lies next to her or near her bosom that there is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her beating heart because without it, he would want to be no more. He doesn’t quite understand what he feels but he knows that if he ever lost it, a light would surely go out. She is his beacon, a light in the night, the whisper in the wind that tells him “everything will be okay.” She is the reason why he wants to be a better man because when she looks into his eyes, she see’s no faults. To her, the past is gone, it’s dead and buried and there is now a new chance to build something neither of them has ever seen. A love so strong that it can forego any wind, any force, any story, any person who might come their way. The ground they build together is the strongest foundation that no one can tear down, no matter how they try. And with every passing year as children are born, homes are created, families are celebrated, and bonds are formed they grow stronger as two people can ever be. They are admired for the love and the strength it took for them to stand next to one another and still share a warm embrace or kiss. He never knew what a gift really was until he fell in love because it shaped every thing he became as a man. And when he took his last dying breath, he did so gladly because he was able to feel love and share it with the woman who changed his life.

~Dedicated to my father who loved my mother to the very end.