There has always been a part of me who has thought of writing a book. I tried, many times. I just couldn’t find the right niche and for the longest time, I felt cursed! I hate saying that. But I guess when you write or as a writer or someone who is passionate about writing – we all feel it some where in our daily lives. At least, that’s what I’ve read on many posts that I’ve sat to read. For the most times, I wondered why these people felt that way because I thought what I read what quite interesting. And then of course, there’s some of us who procrastinate about our writing. This is what I did. But I also believe that everything is timing and that there is a part of us that has to be prepared for it. Writing is somewhat personal. It’s kind of sacred, in a way. And so below you will find a piece that I wrote out a few days ago. You’re free to leave me a comment with your thoughts. I’d appreciate the feedback, if any. Thanks!

The one thing we all struggle for in life is control and we all do it differently. So many people want control of something. They want to control life, death, sex, love, laws, rules, environment and the list goes on. And the idea of control is something that has an origin that, we don’t even know where it comes from? That is, until we start asking the questions as to how we became who we are today. And sadly that is a quest that very few will go on because we don’t want to look “back there.” We’re not ready for the truth. And honestly, it’s not an easy journey to look back there, but it’s a worthwhile one that will change your life forever. The irony to the paradox is that, yes we want the change, but we don’t want to have to work for it. And by work, I mean having to be honest about who we are as individuals. It literally means talking about your past, your family, and the history that it involves. It means we have to look at what we see or think is ugly and shameful and talk about it. But guess what? There are millions of people, right there with you who want the change, but are afraid to actually take the steps to start.  And I know what you are probably thinking, “I don’t want to have to spill my guts out to a stranger that I don’t know.” And you’re right, who wants to? But you know what the thing is? It’s that we are so conditioned that we think that we have to talk to people to find answers about the things we seek. When that is not true at all. All we need is a belief that there is a higher power that has watched over us from day one. A higher power that has always listened, no matter where we were and what we were doing. But in order for that higher power to work with you, you are required something. You are required to be honest and truthful. You are required to allow yourself to be vulnerable. So it’s probably a wise idea to spend some time to your self for a few hours. Talk it out. Write down questions for your self. Write down things that bother you. Ask yourself questions. But always remember that there is no right or wrong questions or answers that you may say, think or feel. You are working from the knowledge that you possess right now. You can never be faulted with what you know because even the knowledge that you have goes deep within you. It has origin. And if you find that you start to feel that the lesson isn’t working, there’s an answer for that. You probably did not dig deep enough for an answer or you were simply not being as truthful as you thought you were. So repeat the lesson and ask the questions again. And when you finally find what you are looking for, you will feel it. You will have cried, you will have cursed, you will have screamed and you will have exerted much energy to find your answers. And they will be worthwhile and you will know that you have them because you walk differently now. You may not feel that you are the same person anymore because you are not – literally. You are different. You resonate from a new place. Your energy is changed. You have shifted from the old you to a new you. You have shed a skin much like a snake. And suddenly, you realize that you don’t need control. You don’t need to control anyone or any thing. You feel free, liberated. And here is the magic of it all that you must know after this point of exchange, this new you needs constant stimulation of the new, because similar to an alcoholic or an addict, it is easier to look back and return what we know because it’s comfortable. So you must resist the urge for “the old.” Keep your eyes straight ahead and never stop learning. And repeat the lesson again and again for as much as you need it, because only you know what you need. There isn’t anyone who can tell you what you need. Life is always changing. Things are always going to arise and we need strength to bear through it all.