If you’ve seen movies such as Interstellar or Contact like me, you might like this blog.  It’s been awhile since I’ve watched Contact but Interstellar was recent. And you know, we all have our own optics about life and living, we just do. But one of the great things that I am learning is about energy and how energy works. We all carry energy. We are made up of energy, regardless if we believe or understand it or not. Everything that has happened or is happening to us right now is from a field of energy that we are emitting all the time.

So you might ask, “but how did I end up here?” Because we’ve all probably have wondered. And maybe not so much during good times but certainly through the bad times, we have. If there is one thing that I have learned over the last decade is that life is about evolution. It flows like a river, going and going. It always moves. And if you are here, it’s because this is where you want to be. We have to start seeing that we are bigger than what we see in front of us. And that there is more to what we see and even hear. Interstellar (please do not read on if you hate spoilers!) portrays a man who finds out about the past, present and future and how it all ties together. It is essentially about time…and space. And since we occupy space in our third dimensional bodies, it’s about us. It’s about how our perception of life leads us down a path, which we choose, to find the things we want to find.

Life is a mystery. And sometimes, it’s a pretty good mystery. But nothing happens without reason. It all has purpose. And I believe that Kubler-Ross knew the key at the end was “acceptance.” It is the last stage to it all. To all the equations we find ourselves in, every mystery we find ourselves in. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross created D.A.B.D.A. It is the five stages humans go through after a death. Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. Each stage is different and we can flip through different ones at any time, but ultimately, we do not complete the cycle until we reach acceptance. So acceptance leads us to working with certain energies that allow us to evolve to a new stage of life. Because let’s face it, there’s always another plateau to find and reach. It’s what makes life so fun and exciting. And so we flow like the river, we keep moving forward and onward. And we do it perpetually until the very end of our lives. It’s the design. It’s the thing we signed up for, regardless if we know it or not.

There was something that popped into my mind one day that really said something to me. And it went like this, “if you knew you would return (re-incarnate) what would you do in this lifetime that would make your next life easier?” It made me think. And I think it helps you observe what is happening now. How is it affecting my world? Because anyone who is connected to you socially is your world, regardless if you spend time with them or not. But it also should speak to your heart and the deepness of what is kept there. How will you make sure that matters/issues/ideas are handled in the future? Because if they matter to you right now, they will always matter. And I think that once we realize what matters and deal with them, we then can move forward. Because inside of it, acceptance is there. It’s us saying, “yes there is an elephant in the room.” And it’s us not trying to hide the elephant or mask it with innuendos. We’ve stepped up to bat regardless of what happens. So in a way, it’s a way to get to the heart of what matters to who we are. It’s how we find ourselves. All you have to do is look inside.

I think what I like about Interstellar is that no matter how much time had past for Cooper, he found what made him feel what he was born for, the thing he was meant for. And as soon as he accepted it, he did it regardless of any fear that he may have held within. He did it for bigger reasons beyond himself because that was his energy that lived within him. It might not have turned out how he wanted it to at the end, but he got somewhere that he would never had if his answer was “no.”