Today, the health of our nations from around the globe are in crisis. And from what I have learned over the last little while, is that when the body is malnourished in health, or healthy views it creates a war within the body and the mind. We are in the midst of that war and it is time to decide if we want to win because, it’s not an easy war. And I’m a true believer that if we decide we do, then we can win it within months, not years. I first watched this video last summer and I’ve shared it a few times but I remembered that I hadn’t brought it here. So I thought I’d share it with you. It’s about gluten. And you may be thinking, “well, I don’t have celiac.” Maybe so. But there’s more to gluten than just celiac. If you watch it to the end, and do your own research about gluten you may be surprised what you find. I just wanted to share it today. Take care.