Every now and again I will get or see something that reminds me of the journey I am on. And this time it was about what is happening around me. When I began my self healing journey- one thing became clear! This journey was about me. It had nothing to do with my family, my job, my community or my universe. It involved it, yes of course, but it wasn’t about them. There was something I had heard once from a mentor in business who said one thing during a meeting. He said, “I can’t do anything about something that is happening across the country because I’m not there,  I’m here.” And he was right. And when you decide to take a journey toward self healing you quickly realize that you are on an inner journey. It is the here and now. Everything else that is going in this moment (out there)  is irrelevant. It makes no difference. And perhaps this is the most difficult for people to grasp because some of us are so caught in what is happening around us. That we can’t shut out what is going on (out there.) But as I continue more into me I start to see how my views are possible. The mind, body and soul are interconnected. You can’t separate any of it. They are all one. When I chose to work on my body and change my diet, there was an immediate response that took place. My soul reacted. You see, the soul is our true self. It knows. This is why if you watch out-of-body videos or documentaries about people who died and come back to life where they explain an experience that happened to them. And they tell us what it felt like to float outside the body and see “everything, everywhere.” It is because the soul is infinite. It has no boundaries like our bodies do. It is pure. It carries nothing that our three dimensional minds do. So when you tap into you, you are literally tapping into your soul. And because it is pure, there is no way you can trick your soul of your sincerity of your intentions. It will know if you are lying to yourself and what you say will not manifest into existence because you are not ready. The body isn’t ready. The mind isn’t ready, so the soul will not respond. It does not matter what it may be. You cannot separate the three, it just does not work. And no matter what scenario you are working in life, you have to be whole. You must be connected with body, mind and soul. Anything you decide to do in life must include all three or it will not work. We must go back to the basics, the fundamentals because today, our system has been hi-jacked by media, advertisements, and whatever else you can fit in with incoming messages that are constantly stimulating us. Every day we are told about the food we should buy, what jobs that will give us the most money, which bank is better, the clothes we should wear to fit in, the cars we need to be cool, how houses build character or families. It’s overload! And if we are not dealing with that then you are constantly surrounded by people. It is so much that we rarely make time to be with our own self. We fill our days from the time we wake up to bedtime with things to do, and people to see. I did this. But now I make more time for me than anything out there. I spend time alone. I meditate. I perform yoga. I have alone time in my kitchen planning and engaging in meal preparation. I may be the only one in my family to be a vegetarian but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. And every now and again I will take part in photography. My clarity is present, I can feel it every day. How? Well, my concentration is at a peak. My nerves work for me not against me. I am calmer is what I mean. And things don’t bother me as they used to. Things such as the opinions of people, the misunderstanding of daily communications, how I am viewed by others, what clothes I am wearing, how I look to society. Of course that does not mean I don’t care about these things, I do care. I just don’t let them decide for me. I take care of my mental status because that is all I can do. I’m not responsible for how others feel about me or others, I do not engage in conversations that will leave any negative residue in or around me. And if it does, I find the source of it within me so it does not bother me. Whatever it was, it’s there to wake up a part of me that is still asleep (so to speak.) So I work on it. And the best part of it all is being able to fall asleep at night like a baby with no worries. That is heaven. It is my heaven. It is why I work on myself every day. It is worth it. Because I remember a time where I would literally toss and turn for hours in my bed at night thinking about “stuff that happened or was going to happen.” It drove me up the wall. So when I say the work I have done on me is worth it, I really mean it.  An inward journey is the best journey in the world because you see life in a whole new way. I haven’t gotten to certain things I have on my list of what I’d like to do or see as much but I have just started. There’s more to come! I trust that everything that I really, really, really want will happen. I will leave tags at the end for you to check out the people who I am grateful for that helped me along the way. But at the end of the day, it was me who took the initiative to find my peace. This is where we all need to be. Thanks for reading.