Life beginsThis being the last week of winter, I feel blue. Not that winter is leaving but of a change in my life that is transpiring. I wasn’t expecting it. Maybe that’s why it’s risen up, who knows? But then it could be very well a blessing in disguise, as it sometimes is. I am no longer the person I was at one point in my life. I think I have changed dramatically over the last four years. But it’s all good. I’ve always been the person who dared to explore because that’s just who I am. But there was a period in my life where I stopped, I don’t think I stopped I just slowed down. And now I’m at the age where my children are grown and it’s time for me to explore once again. Time to dust off my imagination, pull out my favourites, and see where I end up. So this end of winter and this beginning of spring really says something to me. I’m feeling the squeeze of the hourglass as it empties, I’m like the sand in the glass. You know? And I look forward to what’s ahead, even though there are moments where it freaks me out. But I will do my dance through every phase that is to come because that’s just who I am. So here it to the great unknown! May we know each other well one day so that there be many tales to tell when this dance is done.