So this is the new year and there are many things I’d like to get done this year. But one of them is changing my subjects of what I bring in and write in my blog here on WordPress. I have many beautiful experiences and many times I fail to share them so what I’d like to do is to open up more to this blog. I feel a bit reserved. I promise I’m not a stuffy person, I like to have fun. But I also have a rich culture that is filled with teachings that isn’t restricted so I want to share some of it. And one of the other things I’d like to do is bring in more photos because it’s rare for me to share photos. But I want to be more free and let go of some inhibitions. I want to be able to change my view on how I feed my blog through the content of what I write. So look forward to a newer type of blog from me this year starting with my next blog post. I may even let viewers in to check out my photography that is available for purchase on the web through Twenty20. So lots to come! I hope that this year is my year for blogging in a new way. And thank you to all those who have stayed with me on the web. You are very much appreciated. And if you are new, read something, find out who I am a bit, and check back when a mood hits you. I write about many different things so I hope you like it. Again thank you, take care and do come back.