relativityThe holidays are over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Whew! We made it- again! You know I was one of those people who dreaded the holiday season because it wasn’t always the best time for me as a kid. But things have changed constantly for me the last three years. I began to notice how I felt about the season. Maybe it was a maturation about me in life that occurred, I don’t know? But since that period, I feel it’s constantly different. Something always changes. It’s a good change there’s nothing bad about it. I notice it because Christmas holidays are always a gauge period for me. It’s where I am constantly aware of my surroundings and happenings. I pay attention to that stuff. I recognize how time seems to slow down around the holidays. And maybe it’s because we have less variety to choose from and we sort have to deal the hand we are given at certain points of this season. And limits come into play. But whatever. I didn’t really want to talk Christmas I just wanted to use it as a metaphor to my topic.

Relativity. Specifically, how do I relate to you? And vice versa. I am beginning to notice a very important thing happening in today’s society. And relativity seems to be key. The writing I read, the articles posted, the subjects being displayed. There is a yearning coming out and there is a loud display of affection being shown in social media. It’s different. It’s radical. Wild. And so, so good. People are connecting in ways like never before. The norms of society are being thrown to the wind. And we are paying attention to our own selves in a way we probably never imagine we would. Health. Spirituality. Love. You name it! These concepts are being re-evaluated. They are being re-examined. People are taking a closer to what these things mean- to them! And it’s fantastic. We are taking away the shroud of what we’ve been told and how to behave regarding certain topics and subjects. We are going on our own! We’ve open the gate! We’ve run loose! And damn it feels good!! But like anything else we all have to settle back into something and sometimes that something is right back where we started or where we were. And so we stop. Because the freedom we felt is still new and we are still not quite comfortable with it yet. So we wait until another day where it hits us again. And off we go again! Running free. I’m not saying this happens to you but if you are still reading there has to be a reason why? Maybe we are not so different. Maybe we do relate? But here’s the thing. You know the moment when you stop running? You stop because you notice that you are the only one running. And this phases us when we are the only ones doing a certain activity that maybe our friends aren’t into yet. We stop. We maybe start to think we are a bit crazy because no one in our immediate circle are following suit. But why is that? Well, what I’ve learned so far is that we are trail blazers for others to follow. We are the example. It’s not a small undertaking at all. It’s huge! Gigantic! So will we do it? Will we trudge the path? And we look back and we realize where we’ve come from and where we’ve been. And all that other stuff. And we think about the steps that we have taken so far up to this point. How can we turn back? We have to keep going even if we don’t know where this path leads. (Of course) you can turn back and live in the world of “what if.” But will it serve you? Will it grow you? But if you are the one who looks ahead on the roadless travelled- you never know the surprises that are just over the horizon. It’s the Great Mystery of Life. I believe we all design our lives much earlier before we arrive here. But sometimes in life a great robbery occurs in our lives that throws us off. And we take another path whether we like it or not. But if we listen to that inner calling we can find our way back. We can always find our way back. I don’t believe there is a force strong enough to stop us when we decide to take our life back. We just have to stop and listen long enough.