IMG_2034This was a topic that came up with my husband the other week and I thought I’d share it with my readers. He began by saying that our mentor (a gentleman by the name of Ralph) always listens to what we say when we talk to him. Yet, he rarely (or never) engages in what we have to say on the subject we are talking about. Instead, he will construct positive outlooks in any way possible and if there is none, he will say nothing. So in saying that, it means that he will not engage in a conversation for the sake of exploiting a subject or demoralizing it. And so then he says, “so many people will answer you and feed your expectations, but Ralph, he doesn’t.” And he was right. So I went away and the thoughts rolled around in my head for the afternoon, I couldn’t get them out of my head. It was something that I had heard before but something I never shared with anyone else. And I think it was Wayne Dyer that said something to the effect of “the good opinion of others.” I don’t remember the total phrase but it ended with those words. And I began to see how this works. We all walk around every single day waiting for a response from somewhere, someone. If you look carefully you can see it in things around you. The television is great for this! Because it feeds you commercials all day long in hopes that out of the hundred million people that see it- some will respond. That’s just one example. So as I kept thinking about this subject I began to see how we (humans) do it all day long too. Anytime we speak, we are speaking in hopes of a response. And a weird thing happened– I thought, “sometimes we don’t even have to speak.” Because we do it through our body language as well, what we wear on our bodies, the fragrances, clothes, make-up, or products. We don’t even have to say a word, we are constantly affecting someone regardless if we think we are not. But we try so hard. And we don’t even have to. But in reality, we have come to know the response and we like what it does for us. So we come to expect the response. Our egos have taken over! Completely, in some cases. My newfound thought process was intrigued and excited. I felt powerful, yet so full of gratitude. So, my husband and I talked more about the subject after awhile it became so easy to see. When you fill yourself with positive energy every single day, something happens. A transformation starts to take place. Now we were looking at this from the perspective of our mentor, Ralph. Ralph, every year engages in spiritual practices of the Ojibway culture. Every year from May to October, he will host a healing camp for five days of the week. The camp will include sweat lodge ceremonies, Midewewin ceremonies, and/or shaking tent ceremonies. So he is constantly engaged in some way of spiritual life and living. Is it any wonder why he can be how he is? Calm, level minded, conscious, considerate, kind, and so full of love. It is really a role that he has taken wholeheartedly. There isn’t a part of him that doubts that he wasn’t meant to be doing what he is doing. So he is full of light, all the time. He has no expectations. He acts. And regardless of what happens he believes in the process. Good or not. Now imagine yourself living like that. It’s quite the thought. These days we are conditioned to respond to life. And on a smaller scale we respond all the time, in daily conversations. The need to be right or to “have the answer” someone needs is somewhat become a basic necessity. But it doesn’t. Our ego tells us that it should. I bet if you read this and walked out your door, you more than likely have a hundred chances (if not more) to respond to something/someone in one day. But you say, well I can’t help it, I have to think. Sure, we do. Everyone has an opinion. But is it good? Does it help? Does it grow something/someone? Does it elevate humanity? Does it nurture? And this is why Ralph will stay quiet when we speak to him. He will not satisfy our need to be right about a topic. He does not grow us by doing that. He will only nurture a thought where you are pointing in the right direction. And that is the great thing that I have learned from him. His positivity is infectious. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. If you read this to the end, great. If not, well, that’s okay too. Thanks!