There is a concept that is well used in society and it includes three parts. They are; the future, the past, and the present. These concepts give people the illusion of time. And that time is separate and that it separates everything that happens to us. But in reality it is our memories that separate anything. Our memory tells us that was “in the past” so we label it so. The future relies on what we call “dreams.” And we build those dreams in our minds and say that is what I want in the future. Which becomes a concept of waiting for it. And in life, we focus a large portion of our time in either the past or the future. Whether it’s because we don’t want to do deal with what’s happening now or we don’t know what to do right now? It’s usually because we are dissatisfied about some “thing.” It’s because we are not content in life. The present moment isn’t satisfying. And we all have different reasons of why that is, there is no wrong reason or right one. It’s just how we feel. And how we feel at any given moment is never wrong. But looking at time…let’s get back to it.


Today, many people think of time as through a clock on the wall or a calendar. It’s a conditioning process that we’ve been through as people. In reality there is no time. There is no time but now. Everything exists right now. There is one thing that I learned through a respected elder, he said “society looks at time in a linear fashion.” Which is true, it’s like a line across a paper, or sand. And he continued, “the Anishinaabe people do not look at time in the same way as the world.” And he split the straight line with another line that went vertical. He drew a circle around it and told us that everything moves in this way. And the circle kept moving around and around. He said all of time happens now in that circle that kept moving. The past, the future and the present. Now the concept because of our conditioning is a bit hard to grasp. But if concentrate your energy on now more than yesterday or tomorrow you begin a shift in your mind that allows you to grasp the concept much easer. Of course, do it daily. Because we all have busy minds, there’s so much to do and not enough time or money to do it all today. Now is all we have. Now is all we ever had and will ever have. The moment of now is so precious that it will never come again. So we have to remember to use of “now” well. We have to remember not to take “now” for granted. It’s not to say we can’t plan for the future- we should. But live in today, in now until the moment arrives. So that when you are there you will be unbelievably happy that you got there. And your now will be totally worth it.