I am unlike other people. I am unique. I’ve never really given it much thought as to how different I was until recently. So I started to really look at it and examine myself. Sure I have similar interests as other people and I enjoy certain things but I think it’s the reasons why I like things that differ. I see and feel life very differently as I imagine you think you do as well. I think that’s what I like about my life. So here I am. I will often stray toward the unconventional way of thinking and seeing life, ideas, or stories. I like to have my own space of thoughts and sometimes it can make me feel alone but I’ve learn to adapt. If something is thought to be weird, I’ll usually examine it and find my own ideas of why someone might think it was weird. Or just look at it and see what I see. I can simple and I can be very complex, it all depends on how I see something. I can never decipher what I’ll see and I never want to until an outcome is reached. I don’t plan my life. I used to. I do say what I want in life, I believe the Universe must know at least that part of me for me to have what I have. I do have goals but I don’t have a set time for when I should complete or attain them. I think it’s a system of failure if I do that to myself. So I work on what I want to accomplish in the day I have in front of me and I don’t worry about tomorrow or next week. I, more often, dislike routines or patterns. I think they get boring unless they accomplish something specific that provides a physical, tangible result. I don’t believe in tying down my ideas of what should go where or how and even when. I respond to life as it happens to me and I deal with it as it goes. I believe the Divine always speaks to us and it is our choice to listen – when we listen. It is not my right to tell someone of what they should do or shouldn’t do. Nor should I try to sway anyone to go a long with an idea that I have or want to create. But I do believe that whosoever finds my idea to their own liking, that is their own story. Not mine. And so everyone who is a part of my life today is there for a reason. There is always a reason no matter how small it is. In life, there are so many rules and guidelines for how to do this or that properly. I think I threw away that book a long time ago for certain things. Or at least I’ve ripped out those pages, lol. I’m not saying that I do not abide with people’s wishes, I do. I use respect and gratitude for any opportunity that presents itself. An opportunity is always present no matter where I go. It will always be there. When I look at something I don’t always think of the entertainment that I’m receiving out of what I see or hear. I like to think of the reasoning behind it. Maybe that makes me a complicating person, I don’t know? But things are rarely trivial for me. There’s always a grander picture to life and if I’m part of it, I’ll always try to find that picture. Anyway, that’s the blog for today. Have a good one!