I used to sit on a mountain as a kid and look out at the horizon. I loved looking out, seeing the trees stretch for miles. And I knew they didn’t end there, they continue beyond what I could see. And I would say to myself, “I’ll be there someday.” I’ll be there past those trees that I see. I didn’t know where that was, but I knew. Of course, it was a dream. I was only thirteen or something. I thought I would one day leave home and explore the world. I had no real clue as to what I’d do or how I’d do it but I just felt it. Maybe I’m not the only person whose had that thought once upon a time years ago. But it felt good. And it still feels good now to reminisce about it. Because it’s still possible. And even though what I did with my life was get married and have children – it doesn’t mean that I haven’t achieved it. Because now the way I see it as what I had thought before. It was a feeling that I was thinking about. It wasn’t a destination. It never was a destination. When we think of our dreams and we dream them as kids, we think in pictures. But I’ve come to realize that our dreams are not pictures we draw up in our minds, they are feelings. And it’s the journey that we take as we grow that enables us to have get to this point. Then we find that the only thing that helped us get there is the truth. It was the truth we were living. Because truth is the only way to get there. We all want peace. We all want the harmony to be able to realize what we want in life. And as we walk through life, we are searching. I think as long as we don’t give up the dream, we find it. Because you see what I’ve come to find out. I was searching for me. And truth helped me – find me. It was the only way. The reality is and was, it wasn’t getting “this” or “that” that created the happiness I found. It was finding out who I was and that has been the greatest gift. I can now dance freely without worry or doubt. I am satisfied with all that I have. I can see the beauty that was there all this time. So I’ve reached my horizon that I said I was going to find one day. And I get to experience the beauty of it every day. Now how great is that? It’s pretty great.