So, I’ve been working on this for close to two years, right? And I finally took the plunge! On March 31 it was my first day. I don’t think I was worried that I couldn’t do it, I think the only thing that I was leery about what finding enough to eat. But after four weeks, I now know that I don’t have that problem. What I also found was how it brought out my imagination when it came to food. My ability to create certain dishes that I never tried before. It was fun. I love visiting new and different food websites and reading blogs about the vegetarian menu and recipes. My food has colour, it has variety, so it’s fun. I guess the next challenge will be visiting family out of town and making sure I have what I need. I don’t think it will be great problem but it present a challenge because the other thing I’m close to giving up is bread. I haven’t 100% given it up. I’ve had it on three occasions since March 31, which is great, actually. It’s better than I thought. And the reason I gave up bread is because of gluten. I’m not saying that I’m sick with celiac or anything. It’s just a personal choice. I would like to be gluten free in 2015, completely gluten free. And it’s just one of my goals. I do have items on my menu still that contain or are made non gluten free so I have a way to go concerning it. But what I am excited about is that I have learned to make gluten free pita bread and wraps. I loved them! I am especially fond of organic buckwheat flour. It’s very light. It has a taste unlike traditional bread store or homemade style. And it’s the flour that makes it taste so good. I noticed it as soon as my first bite. It was heaven in my mouth. So now I have to shop at certain stores to get certain things I never use to buy. I’m okay with it and I think it’s fun. My whole experience switching to the vegetarian lifestyle has been an eye-opening, fun, learning experience that I don’t regret at all. I can tell you that I eat more beans today than I ever did before. I don’t eat all beans, I still have to give lentils a whirl. But I’ll get to them. And the great thing is that my body feels great. Along with my chiropractic visits every two weeks, I feel awesome! I’m learning to love my life and see it in a way that I didn’t before. Of course, I’ve been working on my life pretty steadily for the last five years. It’s all part of my journey. I’m pretty content with it. I know that I’ll get to where my intentions are one day, if I haven’t already. So I leave it at that and I don’t worry. But I thought I’d share my experience with you. So thanks for reading, once again.IMG_1697