Words have a powerful effect on people. I read today that words can hurt, they can do damage. Yeah, it’s true they can. But here is what I also believe. If you allow things to strike where it causes you instant pain and you constantly remind yourself of the words that were spoken, you relive it. Over and over again. Now who’s doing the damage? The words have already been said or spoken. But who’s still repeating them like a mantra? Is the person who spoke those words standing at your side talking? I highly doubt it. So whenever I get into a debate with another and they say something hurtful. I allow myself to feel hurt. I examine how the situation got to the point it did. I try to see if it could have gone any other way. Again, I validate each point of view so it’s not just about me. You’d be surprise what some honesty and responsibility can do to help in a situation like this. And then I let it go (unless I have to apologize for my behaviour.) I don’t worry about getting an apology as well. That’s not my job. Whatever the other person does is none of my business. I think in today’s world we need a new model as to how to deal with ourselves. I find that the self is not really looked at in society. There’s a lot of finger pointing and blaming in society. He did this, she did that, they caused this, you know? I find if people are concentrating on themselves, it’s the wrong kind that they should be doing. It’s the unhealthy kind that’s happening. Of course, I know that in some circumstances, we need someone to take responsibility. But when the deed is done, apology or no apology, we must let it go. Or it will destroy us. It will poison us from the inside out. And if you know about the inside out, you’ll know that the poison will make our bodies sick from worry, anger, hurt, frustration, depression, and a whole range of issues. And these feelings will create sickness such as cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, or whatever else. And again, people want something to blame. Oh it was the sugar that caused my diabetes, or oh it was the cigarettes that gave me cancer. Blame has never gotten anyone anything good. Seriously. If you can think of something, let me know. I don’t mind being corrected. We all just need to slow down and think every day stuff over and we need to take responsibility of our own actions and inactions. Sometimes I wonder if society is afraid of examining the self because of what they may find. But here is what I found from examining my own life—it’s not that bad. A good therapist or guru would tell you the same thing. Bad is a concept that you have defined in your life. We allow every thing that happens to us- to happen. There is no gun to our head that says that we must believe certain things. It’s just us saying whatever it wants to hear. So what will you allow into your life? Because the choice is all YOURS!Image