One person can affect up to a dozen people in one day. Think about it. Just sit and think about it. We can. And it doesn’t matter what our view is, negative or positive. We are still going to affect someone or some people. And those half dozen to a dozen people we affect are going to affect up to a dozen people each. And it just goes on and on. Our attitudes and behaviours affect those around regardless if we think of it or not. So when you hear, “the change starts with you” they really mean it. It really does. Everything we do or say is being monitored by someone. We are the role model for someone regardless if we believe or not. We emit change all the time. It’s time to stop looking in other directions and saying someone else is creating change. Well, if they have created change (good or not) for you, that just means you do the same for others. It’s the ripple affect of life. What we do in life does echo in eternity, as Marcus Aurelius once said. So if you want to see change in your family, at your job, in your community you must take part some how. We will never be able to change the ripple affect, but we can work through it to see that it works in a good way.