This year seems to be proving to be something different. First of all, I feel different. I have done and made some radical changes over the last eighteen months to my lifestyle. I have still a ways to go when I think of it but all in stride, I’m in no hurry. My diet is one area where I have worked tremendously on. I am close to changing it completely. But it’s hard when you’ve lived a life eating a certain way. But I’ll get it. I always do. My day of becoming a vegetarian is probably closer than I think. And I find comfort in that. So it’s all good. I don’t stress like I once did about stuff that I wanted out of life. I think the meditation that I do helps a lot with the “stress” factors in life. I see it working, I feel it working and for me, I’m grateful for that. There’s nothing in the world that makes happier. I guess when you realize that you have everything you need right inside of you, you don’t crave what’s outside. I think that’s interesting. My lifestyle is that I don’t drink alcohol, I have no need for it. I don’t smoke, I quit seven years ago after twenty five years as a smoker. I don’t drink coffee, a new one for me that started January 2013. I use a lot of safer (to me, anyway) products that ever before. Coconut oil, baking soda, cell salts, bentonite clay, different oils, spices, loads of fruits and veggies, vinegar, ginger, moringa powder, nuts and I find that because I’ve done all of this, my taste buds have changed. I can eat food that I never used to like, such as spinach and cucumbers. And the best thing of all is that I am fine how I live. I don’t own a two hundred thousand dollar home but it doesn’t matter. I don’t drive a twenty thousand dollar car but that’s okay. I don’t wear Gucci or carry a Louis Vuitton bag on my arm but life is still good to me. I have beautiful children who know the meaning of respect and love and that does me good, and then some. I am satisfied. I used to think (a few short five years ago) that I needed stuff to maintain happiness. I don’t. I need the air in my lungs more than a night out at a restaurant eating food that is expensive and some thing I can cook at home myself. I need my eyes, ears, and hands more than a four year lease on a vehicle that I might own one day if I follow the rules. So yeah, my perspective has changed. I know now that my body is a vessel, it is my temple, my home. There’s nothing more important than it in this world. And all the things I am not doing for it now, will come. I have no doubt. As this world changes, and trust me, I do see it all over, everyday. I will change with it. But in actuality, I believe that when we (because we are central to existence) change every thing around us changes. All we have to do is start. It doesn’t matter where, or when or how, just that we start. And because we are not pro’s we will slip and fall completely sometimes but it does not mean it won’t work for us. It may just mean “not now, try later.” The body is an amazing vessel and it knows when it’s ready for certain experiences or if it’s not. All we have to do is listen. So far, it’s been quite the experience. Thanks for reading!