I was born at the end of the sixties. My mother was born at the end of the twenties. And her mother was born in 1908. My daughter was born in the nineties. We were all born at different times and certain things were happening during our first years of life. But the one thing we’ve all had is the strength that was built within the bond of our mother daughter relationships. We were/are very stern people. We carry a hardness to us that not much people ever detest. When I think of us I see how traits can carry from one person to the next. What my grandmother had and was like is still alive today. My daughter is proof. And even though I never set out to make it true I guess it was just my nature that made it true. Life seemed to mesh out of the strength we all carried in life. I guess the particles of what makes us who we are can travel in space and time. But the great thing about time is that the environment changes so we have adjust and blend with it. If our attitudes of life make it or fit then I suppose it’s a bonus. I guess it’s required somehow or somewhere. I mean there is almost ninety years difference between my daughter and her great grandmother. But yet, something about my grandmother is still present through her. My grandmother was a well-respected community elder. One of the most highest, in fact. She was council for many people including our leaders. She had many children. I believe there were fourteen of them. It was a big family. Being the youngest of twelve children, myself, I grew up in a time where relations weren’t at their best. I hardly got to know my grandmother. But the things I knew of her is that she was a good Christian at heart, she helped out with what she could. She spoke mostly in her native tongue, which I didn’t always understand as a young eight year old girl. But I grew to understand. But no one bothered her- ever. As a widow, she stood on her own merit. She was independent until the day she died. She was a very good and strong soul. She would never be contended with by anyone. There were a few times where she had drinks with people. And even then, she was still respected. Truthfully, I think she was respected even more when she had a few drinks in her. My grandmother carried truth at her side and I believe people knew it as well. She wasn’t afraid to use truth with whomever. We don’t have too many people like her left today. Everything is superficial. It may be a grand life but it’s really not much. I believe in character. I believe that it’s character that makes up the world. It’s not inventions, or riches, even. It’s peoples lives. And for me, a person who creates something complex in the world is more important that what they created. But today the world has switched it around and made the “creation” more important. Anyway that’s all I’m gonna write about that. Most of what I remember of one the women, who is , why I’m here is her character. We all carried her with us. And of course, I never heard stories of my great grandparents, so I wouldn’t know them in that sense. But I wouldn’t doubt, that somewhere in there, we are carried a bit of that too in life. So that’s the blog for today.