Well, I decided since I haven’t written in my blog lately that I’d at least give it an update of what I’ve been up to. This time of year is kind of a busy time for me. You see the reason being is that in about a month time from now, even less to be honest, pow wow season will begin. So I am usually starting crafts around the month of February. This year I crafted a six piece dance set for myself and I have made plenty of beaded earrings. I love creating pieces. I’m in awe that I can create things that were not once there and bam! Suddenly a day or two later, I’m holding them in my hand. I think it’s cool. It’s an awesome feeling. But the other thing I have been doing is learning. It’s something that I do quite often. And I learn from many sources, I don’t like to be picky when I’m learning. I watch videos, listen to speakers, watch documentaries, read books and articles and visit websites to engage in this learning. Two of the people who have impacted my learning as of late have been Allan Watts and J. Krishnamurti. They are a little much to wrap your brain around if you haven’t done any previous studying about life. Of course, I am a trained social worker, so I’ve had some training in the area, and I find it fascinating. Among other things, I have a job that I fill my day with and it keeps me busy as well. There are some days when I am just tired and I don’t want to think, much less write. My remedy is drama television shows during those days and nights. My drugs have been House of Cards, Nashville, Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad to name a few. Okay, it’s more than a few but what can I say. I like to be entertained. And I consider it research, as strange as that might sound. But here is something I have never said yet but for the last few years I have been planning on writing a book. I don’t have any concrete ideas yet but I am sure they will come. I trust that. I’m just caught up in the structure of it all and it’s been a challenge. I’ve started my projects in the last year and they end up on my hard drive and they stay there, collecting dust. I know it’s bad. You always hear people say all writers should keep all their original ideas and not to throw them away. And I think I’ve made an art out of that too! But, all in time. I try not to push myself too hard, or criticize my writing, it’s bad form. So when the ideas come, they’ll come, that’s all I got to say about that. One of the things that I rarely have to think about these days is my diet. I have drastically changed what I eat these days and some days it’s part of a routine for me to watch what I eat. My favourite these days is Greek Salad that I make with spinach. I love it. I know too many people who are suffering from diabetes or riddled with cancer that I know that it’s not a road I want to travel. But it all works out. Everything I do on a daily basis matters to my well being. I don’t believe that there are parts to my life that don’t hold substance to my end goal, which is to live a happy and fulfilled life. So I’m sitting at where I want to be at the moment. And if I get tired of it, I can move and switch spots. It’s as easy as that. I don’t nail myself down with worries about what will be. I used to at one time. I go day to day, moment by moment because it’s easier than driving myself insane with what’s ahead. Krishnamurti once said, that there is only now, the past or the future only exists right now. And he is so right. Because the past and the future exist within us, it is our memories and our goals and we take them with us wherever we go. Anyway, I’m going to stop myself there before I ended up writing more than I wanted to at the beginning. Thank you for reading.