There is always two sides to everything. We are made up with negatives and positives. Until we realize and understand this we will suffer blindly. I see so many people who do not yet appreciate this part of us. And they wonder why their lives are going they way they do. They never question, is it me? They always think it’s something else controlling the situation. Then you hear, “oh it’s because no one will hire me,” “oh it’s because of my wife/husband that I get like this,” “oh it’s because that’s what always happens when I try this.” A constant amount of finger pointing is what that is. I mean – let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. I have. 

Understanding the polarity of our being is key. The parts that make us – us! The body is a complex design made with many different parts and each part serves the next, and the next and so on. Our feelings and emotions are the same. Except when we are thinking about our feelings and emotions we must remember to move in a backwards motion to understand where these feelings are coming from. Everything has origin. This moving backwards is a moving through time sequence and that if we are honest about “what happened?” to make us feel certain emotions, we can begin to figure out what to do about it. 

So when we fight or argue with another person, they have their reasons of their own story of how/why the fight began or why its escalated to where its at. And they also have their reasons for raising their voice or having a different opinion and nine times out of then, it has NOTHING to do with you. We take arguments and fights so personal that it causes a rift between us and other people, that we all need to learn about our own selves a bit more. Yes, we have our reasons too! But what are they? Are we willing to sit down and think of those reasons with some truth and some coffee? Some would say yes, some wouldn’t. I know when I first began my journey, I said no for the longest time. But little did I know that it was the “digging” in where I finally dug myself out of all those emotions I had a hard time with before. The hardest part is always the beginning. And as it should be, you don’t have the trust, or the faith built yet. That takes time. But the reward of this time is that you learn to recognize how you can use your emotions to see the truth of any situation you find yourself in. Whether it’s good or not. There’s a moderation line in life and when we tip the scales between negative and positive, our body is the first to react. Instinctively, we know, even if our mind isn’t ready to accept it. It is the very reason we have sickness, the reason we have pain. They are indicators that “something” is not “right.” Yet, do we listen? Sometimes. But if we want health and happiness, I think we should. The term, “too much of a good thing is bad for you” is right on key. But the two keys words in that saying are, “too much” of anything is bad for you. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be alcohol, money, lust, admiration, complaints, sympathy….this list can go on. What we have to understand is that it isn’t just “things” that are tangible and physical that we must be wary of, it is the unseen as well. And sometimes the unseen is more dangerous to our health and happiness than the things that are physical. It is all about balance. We can never get away from it so why try? Sure we can think we know what’s best for us because we’ve been us for however long we’ve known ourselves. But even then, we have no idea. We haven’t even scratch the surface yet. If you knew yourself, you would suffer the dilemma of worry, of stress, of status, of complex and the number of things we think about daily. You’d be fine – all the time. And in fine, I mean, you wouldn’t suffer any sickness within your mind or your body. You wouldn’t suffer and breed fear. Instead, you’d be content to just be. 

The road to health is the road to happiness. You are either on it or you’re not. There is no in between. There is no part time. There is no “wagon” to fall off of. There is no resolution to commit to. There is only honesty. Your body will do the rest. And the mind will follow. Don’t worry. Don’t stress. If you are, there is no honesty within your journey yet. Just the put the honesty in and you’ll find your way. You will see your yin, you will see your yang. And you will never fear it again. Image