For the past two years now, I’ve had the privilege of some great freedoms. And I really dedicated it to my own soul to get what ever I pleased out of life. My husband and I have more freedom, some days, than we know what to do with. How ironic is that? But I like it. And I feel like a free bird some days, moving carefree through life. At first, it was hard to get used to. I spent most of my twenties and thirties caring for my children and now they are all grown up. But as the comfort of it sets in, I’m okay with it. I like the idea of exploring myself and experimenting with many different things. Every day is a new adventure. I never know what the day holds. I’m a spontaneous creature and I move with very little plans. I let the moments hit me and I go along for the ride. That’s not to say I don’t plan things, I do. But I don’t get stuck in plans meaning that if I can’t be somewhere/do something I won’t wallow in it. I just move on. There was a time in my life, this was never the case. But I learned to loosen my grip on certain things to avoid any unnecessary hurt or disappointment. And through it all I’ve learned what I love the most. The first being food. I am constantly looking for something new to try. I think with all the information on the internet about food, you could probably teach yourself on how to be a chef if you wanted to. The next thing is recycling. I am always looking for ways to recycle things. There’s a lot of idea out there that I still have to try. Some of it requires tools such as nails, hammer, sanders, paint, and some good old varnish but I love recreation. I don’t mind it at all. I may one day decide to show some of my creations/projects on video but I’m terrible on camera, so forgive me.  Of course as a craft and a creator of art, I love my job as a native artist. Most of what I create is self taught like the dress in this photo, but some of it is taught by my peers, such as the beadwork I’m wearing. I learned to bead when I was just fifteen. And it was something that I taught my son how to do when he was around the same age and he’s continued creating today. The other areas I’ve delved into are yoga, which is something that I still have to get used to practicing. And meditation, which is something I do often. The body is a great teacher and we have so much to learn from it, that we could spend years getting to know it. I know that sounds a little boring but I find it fascinating. One of the things that I stopped last year was my coffee intake. I don’t drink coffee. Instead, I find interest in different teas (there are so many!) fresh juices, most that I start from scratch, or milk made from almonds. I have yet to try goat’s milk as I’ve heard that it is much healthier for people and that it doesn’t contain lactose. And what would my life be without music? I love exploring new sounds as well as relaxing to the sounds of Giovanni or Kitaro. As of late, I have started a new ‘video of the day’ post where I plan to post the latest tunes that I’m listening to. I’m not going to be religious about it or anything, but it’s something I’ll do when the mood strikes me. Songza is great for discovering new artists. I’d totally recommend if you’re big into music like me. So, as this concludes my somewhat list, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.Image