A mother’s love is a love like no other. It’s full of safety and protection. It’s warm and nurturing, caring and providing. There’s nothing like it in the world. As a mother I have tried my best to display every affection under the sun to my children during their rearing. As I watch them as adults on their own I see that I did okay. I wasn’t perfect. I had to learn many things along the way. As my nest becomes empty, I long to care more and so, in ways, I have found a new way to care. As a reward to myself, I understand that I need care as well so it’s what I’ve been working on for a year and half. And I’ve found a great teacher, next to me, is my real mother. Mother Earth. In my silence, upon her as I sit quietly meditating she teaches me through the wind, the air, the animals, the plants of her love for me. I am blessed. I’ve relaxed under the hot sun in the summer, listened through the gentle rain, and loved the sound of crunching snow on the winter ground. I have the love that she provides every second of my day and I am grateful. On my journey I have learned that I am like her, everything about me, I am her mirror. The veins that run through me are like the rivers that flow through her. We breathe the same air, she exhales, I inhale and vice versa. What an amazing match we are. I am forever grateful for my life, I wouldn’t change any of it for I could not understand what I do now. I was never poor. In fact, I was more rich because of my barefoot summers, cut-out halter tops, denim shorts, and no bicycle to call my own. I am and always will be connected to my past because of the life it breathed into me growing up. I’ve learned a lot as a child but as an adult, there’s still so much more to learn. And I am free to go as I wish to wherever I choose. And wherever I go, my mother will always be with me, teaching me as I go. What a grand time it will be. I look forward to more in life, more travel, more people, more experience and my favourite…more food.