Learning how to value yourself


Your body is a vessel, a very sacred vessel that needs to be valued on a daily basis.

So how can this be done…….


Learning something new, try something different than the usual.

Visit areas or spots that you’ve never seen before, you might surprise yourself.

Read a book. Any book on the spur of a moment. You’ll be shocked how sometimes it will match something you need or are thinking about.

Eat good healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. They have loads of what the body needs to function properly.

Treat your body to good things now and again. A spa treatment, chiropractic care, a sauna, a swim, a massage, or a long bike ride. Be good to your body.

Take up a hobby that engages your senses. You might find something you’re really good at or that you really enjoy doing. This may help rid you of bad habits that you’ve been thinking of getting rid of.

Be thankful every day. There’s so many things that we can be thankful for, from our hands to the people we love in our lives.

Say thank you for something you are grateful for. Gratefulness has a way of giving more to you to be grateful for.

Show kindness, especially to pets who will not respond through the language of the tongue but through actions nonetheless. Animals have a way of softening the human spirit.

Create something out of scratch, a recipe, art, or craft. You’ll be amazed how teaching yourself something new can lift your mood.

Spend time with the people you care about. Laughter is great medicine for the soul.

Do something that you’ve longed to try but never have. This will grow the heart courage beyond belief.

Give something away just for the sheer generosity of it. Giving allows us to trust that if we got an item once, we can get it again and we can have it better the second time around. 

Meditate. Unclutter your mind. Be silent and just listen, the breath has so much to teach if we pay attention. 

Spend time in nature. Fresh air does the lungs good.

And if there is any thing else that should be on this list I’m sure you will share it with us because you are just awesome that way!