Resistance is reason. We don’t always have to know why people resist certain things. We just have to accept them. If we all saw life this way – we could stop oppression. We have no right to oppress anyone. What is ours is ours alone. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings. What is good for me may not work for you and vice versa. We can share our goods and care for one another by giving what we have. Our possessions are temporary. And if we learn to believe in ourselves and say ” if I got this (item) once I am smart enough or skilled enough to get it again.” Because when we give gifts away we receive them back in some form or another, only it increases the happiness we had the first time we had a certain some thing. Every thing leads some where and sometimes that some where is exactly where you need to be. We are all students here in this life. We all came to learn. A wise medicine man who sits in a lodge humbly will tell you that he knows nothing but what he carries in his heart – he shares. There is a difference. We don’t own any thing in this world. They are merely objects of pleasure that we come to adore. They are not sacred in any way. What is sacred are the gifts that were given to by the Creator. Love, humility, respect, bravery, courage, honesty, and trust. If we learn to return to our natural state we can heal our world. And perhaps there would be no need for resistance.