I am neither here nor there

Yet I am every where.

As I travel up I travel down

Continuing round and round

If I am black I am white

So it be dark as it is light

If I am in I am certainly out

This is what existence is all about

When I am open I am also closed

I am in all that all knows

If I am sad I am happy

I am there in both you see

Life without I is life non the same

You will call it by a different name

If I am good I must also be bad

I am every feeling that you’ve ever had

It means nothing yet it means everything

It is the experience that life will bring

You cannot have one without the two

Because it is in every thing that we do

Whether it is now or shall it be after

It makes no difference but it all does matter.

If life is slow then it shall be as equally fast

It is the lessons we learn that were meant to last

So when you need me I am here

I am there

I am everywhere.

I wrote this today and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day. Miigwetch.