Looking at life and what life has taught me, I have everything I need. I was never without, I shall never be without for as long as I live. Everything I need to know, I know or is being transmuted to me at this time. It will arrive. When I take this into account, I have everything I need. In reality, life pushes us or you can say the ego pushes to want things. We ask for many things and so we often like to take control because that’s what we’ve been taught. The mentality of “you got to take life into your own hands” is one that comes to mind. I’ve heard it, I’m sure you have too. And yes, to a measure we do have to take the wheel (for some time.) But we also have to know when to let our higher power take the wheel. This is intuition. There are certain things that we sometimes have to let go of. As bad as we want things, there are times when we are not meant to have them. And this is simply because “we” are not ready for them. Our heart break comes in the form of things that intangible, when in reality, we have everything we need. We have the breath in our lungs, the use of our hands, the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the muscles in our legs to walk, our brain to think and decide, so we are never without. This is what life has taught me.