You ever get those moments where you are engaged in something and suddenly something just clicks in your mind? It’s happened to me more than once as of late. I believe we can hear things on a certain day and it means nothing or very little to us at that time. And we worry or think nothing of it. But as I watched a program regarding crop circles, I had a moment. The moment said, “it all starts with you.” And it was as if it wasn’t just about me. It could be about you too. Or her. Or him. Or them. But someone indeed. And here is where I am going with this. We as humans have desires. It could be materialistic, like I want to get a better job. Or it could be something physical, like meeting that someone who will make life feel pretty. It doesn’t matter what it could be. But here is the thing. We do not obtain the closeness to those things by continuing the life we are leading now. Something must change. Whether it is removing something, someone, or even your own thinking from your life that we initiate the change. Every little thing we do differently helps. It moves us closer to our desires day by day. The other thing is, if someone else see’s the change as well, you move closer once again. Because collective energy is even more powerful. But the point being, you must begin this change yourself in order for others to see it as well. The more people see it (the change) the more they believe in it. And the more they act on that belief. So when you hear that adage, “it all starts with you.” This is what it’s stating. You begin a ripple effect which others can be a witness to, which changes, the more movement it creates. Life is always changing. It never stays the same. But it is us who defiantly resist the change, which keeps us in the same location (and mind set) day after day. And it doesn’t matter how small the act (of change) can be, it can be as small as taking a different route to school or work. To as huge as ending a relationship that is no longer working. But we also have to acknowledge this change as well by consciously telling ourselves we are doing or trying something different today. Because if we don’t acknowledge it, it won’t have any impact in our lives. And we will have missed the whole point and we won’t see the change when it’s taking place in front of us. We’ll be too busy watching out for the ordinary to happen. And when we expect the ordinary, the ordinary is there waiting for us. Everything we do in life is important. There is no small act that does not play a part into how our lives play out. It is all relevant. So when we begin this journey into change, it begins with us and slowly it moves from just being us to our family, our friends, our school, our community or whatever. And then it becomes not just us anymore but maybe ten, twenty, forty, sixty people all doing something different. All wanting and seeing change in a whole new way. I think once we really get this notion, that it all begins with us, then things can really happen in a new way. And it’s all because we saw it. We realized it. We believed in it… that it can take place through our lives and the lives of others. So if you really want change, start with yourself. And watch and acknowledge how changes are taking place in your daily life. No matter how small. It is all important. You literally can become a catalyst for change and it can move your life in a whole new direction. I also thought I’d share that I wanted to write a blog with the adage, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” But nothing came to me until now. And now I know why it didn’t. I was not ready. And this year I’ve listened to a few seminars/videos that stated this very thing, of readiness. And it is so true what the adage states of the student being ready. Absolutely no thing can happen to us unless we are ready. So if we are in a poor state of affairs and we want to win a million dollars, there’s a great chance that it will not come to pass. Because we are not ready. Native American indians believe in the Medicine Wheel and this wheel is made up of four parts of a human being. The physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Each of these intertwines with one another and they require balance. We believe that we must tend to each part equally on a daily/weekly basis in order for us to maintain a certain level of happiness. I say happiness because it is the one thing we all want in life, no matter who we are or where we come from. We all want it. We all desire it. But there are things we must fix first in order to reach a level of happiness. You see, I believe we are always working toward happiness. Always. We never stop. So, when we realize (realize being the magic word here) that we have to work on something (inside of us) that needs mending/fixing/altering in some way, then we move closer to the happiness that we desire. And this is where it begins. It starts a journey. A journey of self discovery. A journey that changes us from the inside out. And this is how we become a catalyst for change. We, of course, do not set out to change others because that would be nonsense. That would be a headache. Or a heartache. All we have to do is just be. Be funny. Be savvy. Be spontaneous. Be carefree. Be brave. And others will see it and it may spark something within them. Who knows? And if it doesn’t…there’s nothing you can do there. But we always have a choice to do whatever it is we tell ourselves to do. I’ve learned through my peers that on the Medicine Wheel, it also has the stages of life. Childhood, Youth, Adulthood, and Eldership. And in life, we can move back and forth on the wheel. We can act like children, like young teenagers or like a mature elder. We slide back and forth on the wheel in our journeys. Some of us stop completely at a certain stage and we live there for awhile until we tire of it. But when you are ready, you begin to move on the wheel from the exact point you are (mentality) in life. And things begin to change. This is your journey. On your journey you can look back, you can think ahead, but you must always remember where you are in life and think from that point. So, if we are waiting for something to come along for our lives to change, we’ll be waiting forever. There is no such thing. There is only me. There is only you. There is only us. We are who we are waiting for.Image