There is so much going on in the world that I find myself saying that the time to wait is over. We can’t afford to wait for another term to start things or for things to change. We literally have to be “the change.” Little by little we can make anything happen. We can change the future. It all starts with us. Us meaning you, the person reading this. Today, we can start. Of course, we won’t make humongous tracks on the first day, we may only move one step but it’s a step more than we were at yesterday. And that’s all that matters. Whether that step is reading up on a matter that moves you. Or donating to a cause that you feel is important. Or starting a group to engage people toward something you care about. It’s all relevant. No small act is ever wasted. It is rewarded by something else that pushes you closer to your goal, whatever that goal may be. We often think it’s up our leaders to make those changes happen but it’s really not. They may have a bit of power to say something but even their words get lost by daily issues that they deal with. They are only one person. And they have many issues to tackle every day. There are no heroes wearing three piece suits that will save us. We are the ones who “feel” the issues every day and we are the one who must act. If we do nothing then what we feel will continue. The only reason we feel defeated in any purpose is because nothing is moving. We are not moving. We are not expressing ourselves in a fashion that we’d like. It’s time to stop complaining. It’s time to get out and make the change. The only thing we have to lose is feeling of defeat. We can’t afford to sit and wait. We’ve done that already. We know what that has gotten us. And we know what it’s made us feel. Our “feeling better” is up to us. Our piece of mind is up to us. My father use to always express to me how important it was to be the person who was happy with what they said and did in their lives on a daily basis. He expressed the need to be honest with yourself every day, which is what I live today. After all, when it’s time to retire for the night and I look at the person in the mirror before I go to bed, I want to able to face myself and be happy about the choices I made in that one day. It’s time to say, “it’s up to me.”