Here is one thing that I mentioned to myself earlier this year. And that was that I was going to shape my world to how I wanted it to be. But as you know, life happens and we sometimes get lost along the way. We get busy. And we let things take over. And those things are our relationships with people. Our economy. Our neighborhood concerns and whatever else you can name. There’s a pile of them. We could be here for a day thinking of all the things that can block us. And I guess the thing is, we have to pull ourselves away long enough to realize that we are being blocked from our true nature. I’ll admit, it’s hard to maintain the “thinking” part of it all. Because it never stops. Not for a minute or a second. Not even a nanosecond. Shaping our reality is constant. There are no breaks. It takes effort. It takes time. And all of this awareness needs strengthening of our core. The core being our spirit. I realize that I may still be at the door of it all with one foot in. That’s reality. I can’t pull any punches with myself. We don’t get away by shielding the truth to ourselves. But the great part of it all is that I am further in than most. I look around and see my friends, family, colleagues and see where they are at. I try not to focus on this too much because I feel alone if I do. Instead, I take a breath, remind myself that where I am is where I want to be. I can’t help where others choose to be. I can only be an example. So I get back to it. I do what it is that benefits this body. Eat as well as I can. Exercise as much as I can. Continue to meditate. Continue to learn. And enjoy the activities that bring me the greatest pleasures. I no longer complicate my life with things that clog my spirit. I’ve given up the things that kept me captive. And that is all I can do. I have no desire to return to those things. The road to get here has been long. Shifting in reverse is no longer an option, nor a desire. I took this road because I felt it. I felt that I needed to change paths in life and take a new route. It’s still a fresh road and there is many miles yet to cover. There are going to be bumps. I realize that even though we begin our journey to self, it’s not without road blocks. But perspective is everything. Mine is certainly changing for the better. I’m grateful for the lessons. The pain. The laughter. The joy. The sadness. Because without it I could not be here. With you, sharing my words. So as I look back, I can smile and be grateful. And as I look forward, I have my pen ready to write whatever it is I choose to write. And that is my truth.