There are points in life where we acquire a certain amount of knowledge, which we believe wholeheartedly. From that point, we can no longer see what we used to see. Truth is power. Your own truth is power. And no matter what your life used to be you cannot undo your learning. You can choose to close your eyes to this truth and go against it, but it will not serve you. The inner conflict will begin. It will always show on the surface through your daily actions. Of course, when we obtain new knowledge about life or certain questions we have, there’s not always a certainty we have about what to do with our new information. Some of us become scared or fear that if we shared this knowledge that we’d be ousted from our circles. But if you have strong circles, this should not be a problem. You may spell it true that your friends will desert you, or avoid you because of your new self. Because it is new. It is no longer the old self. And this is where people fear the change. They will not go looking for information because of what they may find. Internally, instinctively we know that whatever we find could possibly change us. So, in order to live comfortably, they sit and do nothing. I’m sure we all know someone who does exactly this. Crossing the threshold is not an easy thing. It’s like being in a hallway with many doors. You can stay in that hallway and never open one door. That is a choice. You can continue your life with old knowledge as you watch your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, or community members grow into someone new. Or you can push the fear aside and pick a door to open and see what’s on the other side. The reality of opening that door is this, you will never find anything that you cannot handle on a whole. It does not work that way. Life is not cruel in this way. Everything we have gone through up to now has been because we had the capacity to handle it. New opportunities arise in our lives because it states our growth. There are no accidents in life. When we experience something new, even if it doesn’t work out and we walk away from it, it was still there to teach us something. No matter how temporary something/someone is in our lives, there is a message. It’s also true that there are those who do take the chance a few times and then just stop. And that’s okay. Because they themselves understand what they are capable of handling and how far they can go. And it may take them awhile to get back up again and start moving, but it eventually happens. It won’t happen in leaps and bounds but baby steps. And that’s okay. Everyone has a pace. We cross many thresholds in our lifetimes and of course, we don’t consider them as thresholds but that’s what they are. Puberty is a common one. No matter who we are, we all cross it. We didn’t have much of a choice to cross it. However, the age of when we crossed it was something that was determined by us. This isn’t something that is decided by an outside force but by us, and us alone. And it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t mean anything bad if we started early or late. Early or late is a label that society has forced upon us. It happened at the exact moment it was supposed to happen. And nothing more. Some of us have already gone through many thresholds. Some of us have only a small number. But it does not matter. Those who have been through a lot are there to guide those who have little.There are certain levels of a threshold as well. Crossing a threshold also means that you’ve done it, you’ve dealt with it, and you’ve accepted it as part of you and you are not afraid to share it with others.  And if you haven’t gone through and completed the levels, you have not mastered what it means to have that experience and you will not be able to share it. And if you look back and think about your experiences and you find that there is something that you cannot talk about yet, then you know you are not done with that experience. This is how we measure where we are in life. And of course, we do cross thresholds that we haven’t regarded as crossing. This is only due to the busy lives we lead. It’s not until we stop and take a closer look at our lives that we notice. But it is a passing through. We are all on different paths in life. We are all experiencing life uniquely. There is not one that is better than the other. It’s just different. Age has nothing to do with it. Race has nothing to do with it. It is all valid. Every thing. Every person. Every experience is valid. It is part of a whole. Our circle cannot be complete without certain experiences, whether those experiences are ours, or someone else’s.